Natural Born Spillers (3) Gulf of Mexico eruptions and Methan bubbles please read first- Bitte lesen Sie! “Weird scenes on a sea floor site” remarks: ———————- Here the other parts of “Natural Born Spillers” Go to part 1 ( Teil 1) , to read the general description to Natural Born Spillers: —— “Natural Born Spillers part 2: Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico” see the rov coordinate based map of the incident area and localize where te rovs are! See also strange images taken In the area 3 Miles away from the well location “A”(towards the end of at vid) —————- HOMEPAGE DOKUMENTATION/ DOCUMENTARY: Auf den folgender Seiten meiner Homepage finden Sie eine umfassende 4 teilige Dokumentation des Deepwater Horizon Unglückes: Documentary on my Homepage ( the article is written in German language. A google translator is integrated on each page . But you find almost all available important informations such as articles of US news channels ( also Bloomberg, NYT, Huffington Post etc.) in English by the original source links. .Also ´those to documents by MMS ,Schlumberger, as published to that case through the freedom of information act (US) , Allthough the page is in German language, the most of the many links lead to original English sources. On the related video page you find a large collection of video material such as three hearings of the US- Congress in June 2010, including the testimony of former BP CEO Tony Hayward. Other related material on my homepage

Lee Patrick Sullivan anchors this afternoon’s Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC. On the program: – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulls the plug on a Spill Bill before summer recess.- BP begins tests to see if the blown-out Gulf oil well can handle the static kill process.- Flow Rate Technical Group calls the BP oil spill the largest unintentional oil spill in history.- Investigators say Massey Energy was premature in saying methane detectors were working at the time of an explosion at Upper Big Branch mine.
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  1. update Aug-27: The NOAA does no more provide images oft the NOAA seabed survey on BPs website, but only those from the wellsite. The situation there is getting worse, as more Methanice balls come up. BP is now sometimes making an own survey.The seafloor however seems biological to be dead not since the BP catastrophy happened. How can the US admin ” lease” a seafloor for drilling just like so. leasing a car,which is surrounded by 4 volcanic salt domes-> Who all has drilled there before?

  2. @MsMilkytheclown They all strive that big “hole” I call the seafloorgusher from time to time, though the operators are adviced to avoid that.I have for shure already one hour footage.I watched yesterday some Matt Simmons interviews: He also spoke from that hole aready in July.( oil and gas from below dissolve the large salt dome they drilled in) They meanwhile seem to enjoy their Syssiphus work. Must be breath- taking. I thought the well is static killed: Today, BP provides new rov feeds >>

  3. @conrebbi ja danke aber der audiokommentar ist trotz mehrmaliger Versuche (ist auch nicht mein bester Tag heute) derart horribel dass ich ihn jetzt durch youtube music ersetzt habe und dann subtitles einbauen werde Ich wäre bestimmt nie Radioreoprter geworden! Aber diese Rohranschlüsse unten sind ja nicht Teil des Risers

  4. Danke für diese sehr wichtigen Beobachtungen. Daß der Meeresboden abgesunken ist, sollte klar zu erkennen sein. Die Funktione des Salzdomes kann nicht oft genug betont werden, den es wurde diesbezüglich vom

    “Disaster in waiting” gesprochen

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