Q&A: What would happen if a ‘hollywood celebrity’ decide to criticize the US Wars in Afghanistan & Mexico?

Question by Thee Gringo Douglas McCoi: What would happen if a ‘hollywood celebrity’ decide to criticize the US Wars in Afghanistan & Mexico?
Unlike the 60’s s, now a days, singers, celebrities actress and /or actors have to bite their tongue. Free Speech is just for brave people not for ” celebrities “. lol.
In Mexico the war is a different war, Since 45% of the US military Forces are Mexican-Americans, The USA can’t send the military to Mexico.
The USA need to use different strategies and tactics to destabilize Mexico and get Oil and drugs. Many top military officials, and business men have been murdered in mexico( Colosio, Cluthier, Aguilar Zinzer, Millan, Camilo Mouriño , Santiago Vasconcelos, etc etc etc….The war is an underground war conducted by the CIA killers.
In Mexico, The CIA kill people and then they blame on the “drug cartels”. In Irak or Afghanistan, The CIA kill people and blow up bombs ,and then blame on suicidal terrorists. The CIA are the real terrorists and drug traffickers.

I feel sorry for the CIA
They act like savage brainless animals.

What do U think folks?

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Answer by nickname
ur paraniod and probably need a new hobby…

just sayin

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: What would happen if a ‘hollywood celebrity’ decide to criticize the US Wars in Afghanistan & Mexico?

  1. Wow that’s a lot of anti CIA with no proof. It’s like me saying its all your fault. Why would you do that?

  2. That would not happen because “celebrities” are only allowed to criticize and talk about ” American Idol ” or Soup Operas. The CIA is innocent, they are peaceful guys who use diplomacy and intelligence, that’s why they call themselves ” Central Intelligence Agency”
    The US government does not like people questioning foreign political issues.
    This question will be banned I am pretty sure. However I don’t understand why the liberal-republican-communist agenda and propaganda machine hates Mexico.

  3. You are mistaken Hispanics are not 45% of the military whites 65 black 12 asian 3 amer-ind 2 biracial .66 hispanics 17.34 not 45

    The US doesnt want to destabilize mexico, mexico just has had trouble creating a stable prosperous government for 150 years we have enough problems coming from down south during the good times, much less the bad The US is supporting the current government in Mexico to help them gain control of the problem. We do not send troops because we do not what are neighbors to look at us as an occupying force
    Most the stuff you are claiming the CIA does is rediculous yeah they do scandalous and wrong things but why would they waste so much time and money to do everything that you claim. They dont need to their are plenty of dumb hadgies to do that stuff on their own.

    Celebrity say what they want (ie Paris Hilton) the media has a left bent they suffer few reprecussions The dixie chicks had problems from their fan base namely middle aged divorced trailer park women who had sons and boyfriends in the military

  4. Most of US celebrities are hooked on illegal drugs and they are undereducated to express political opinions about International issues.

  5. The CIA has been involved in pulling strings of drug quartels for decades. There is nothing new or shocking about this. The entire war against illegal drugs is an Hoax. Just like the Opium trade was in great part responsible for the fortunes of many wealthy people in previous governments.

    The good thing (for them) is that they don’t have to justify spendings on illegal money!

  6. Good observation.
    You are right. The CIA pigs are coward murderers.
    What would happen if Mexicans start doing the same, in response?
    I mean, what would happen if Mexican hit men or sicarios start killing US citizens in Mexico? or If they start killing Floridians in Florida, and if they start terrorizing US border cities?

    Mexicans won’t do that! Violence creates more violence. Besides that the CIA director Leon Panetta said that all those secret programs of assassinations and terrorism abroad will end.

    Regarding to US celebrities: Who cares?Most of them are ignorant people anyway! Ask them to sing and dance, but not ask them to answer this kind of questions! It is politically incorrect to do it. Lol

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