The Surface Of The Gulf Of Mexico Is A Dead Zone

Line of death above 35 feet

Data shows BP PLC has failed to collect the maximum amount of oil it is capable of using its two current containment devices on any single day since both were in place. Since June 16, the oil giant has been using a cap over the gusher to contain some of the oil and a vessel on the surface that is bringing up oil through undersea lines. Together, the two devices can recover 20000 barrels to 28000 barrels, or up to nearly 1.2 million gallons, of oil per day. An Associated Press review of data obtained from the company shows the closest BP has gotten was 27090 barrels on June 22, the day before an undersea camera bumped the cap and forced BP to remove it for more than 10 hours. Since the cap was put back on, the highest amount of oil collected on any single day was 25220 barrels on Tuesday. BP insists there is nothing wrong with the two devices. Spokesman Toby Odone said Friday the volumes vary from day to day depending on various factors, including the proportion of gas and oil in the hydrocarbons coming out of the well, the sea state and the stability of the processing plant aboard the vessels. A third system BP has been looking to bring online to raise capacity to between 40000 barrels and 53000 barrels per day was supposed to be in place by the end of June. However, bad weather put it behind schedule, and it is now due on line around the middle of next week, according to the company.

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  1. You’ll need to search for vids and articles on NLE SONS look for the 2007 dated DHS exercise PDF. Showmebby made a vid on it. He is the one that found the PDF.

  2. @vashguud—huh? Can you elaborate on that for me and others who will no doubt say the same thing. Than you

  3. Noaa is a partner in the NLE SONS 2010 hot converted exercise AKA the BP oil spill. She liez.. it’s the corexit 9500, the volcano for effect and some oil from the strategic oil reserve. Contribed made up spill for policy and greed.

  4. Look at FIX NEWS in action Couldnt that be a natural occurance? The sand you know,, did you see BP dumping sand, ,huh did ya, huh,, huh?

    Fuck FIX NEWS

  5. Reporter is clearly following a script. He should have countered with “Well sir how else do you suppose oil got under the sand if not the sand that is above the oil having being dumped on top of the it?”

  6. How much harder will it be to clean up if they have tried to bury it on the beaches?

  7. Great. Joe blow on the ground says he sees sand piled over oil. Big wig, over paid suit at Studio B, sittin on his rump, talks the guy out of it.

    Wow. Reporting at its finest!

    I guess its the same with US wars. You’d get some guy in Pakistan call Fox News to report his entire family wiped out by a predator Drone strike. And this head would try to say like it could have been alqueda..prrft!

  8. The reporter obviously works for the machine just like all the rest, and has no interest in the truth.

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