Video of BP Oil Blaze, Rig sinking into Gulf of Mexico

The National Geographic Channel has released footage from 21-22 April, 2010 showing the Deepwater Horizon oil platform collapse into the Gulf of Mexico as it burns.
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BP has published its internal investigation into the accident on the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April 2010. The investigation found that no single factor caused the Macondo well tragedy. Rather, a sequence of failures involving a number of different parties led to the explosion and fire which killed 11 people and caused widespread pollution in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year. Read the full report and more at

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  2. @Chapulinazuladomx

    You say this, but that Rig was American and all the workers on it where american.
    so i don’t see how it is MI6 and Britain fault?

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  7. @Chapulinazuladomx BP was drilling off American shores because of something called the international pursuit of profit. Yankees want oil. Thay want it now, they want it cheap, and they want it to be gotten somewhere out of sight. (Out of sight, out of mind.) And so, BP was drilling off Lousiana, where there is a hell of a lot of oil. (albeit really really deep down.) And anyway, oil companies are huge multinational conglomerates. Where MI6 come in, I have no idea. They had nothing to do with it.

  8. British Oil drillers and MI6 do what they want in America. It seems like the Brits control America.
    Why are these Brits drilling and polluting America?
    Why do America let them?



  10. its like you try to tell people, No we have to take care of our planet and they look with a dumb look on their face and continue doing what their doing and thats destroying our planet ,so you repeat yourself and again no response but just a dumb retard look. And we dare to call ourselves intelligent communicating superior to all, creatures. HA my ass

  11. @GFWspacezilla lol new fail safe…”No partying on the rig for any reason. Oil Men you party too hardy.” Makes me wish an airplane would crash into BPs HQ of calculated risk. eh?…Then I think, would our Gov turn on its own ppl for being more pig headed than it is? Then I fear that our civilization couldnt fight off martial law if we ever crowd in violent vigilance against our homelands structures. Then I realize two wrongs dont make a right, and fear is an awesome detriment to the human psychi

  12. question. when he says over-speed. does he mean the engines go faster? because test have been done with methane. and you would might be surprised at the results,..

  13. Thanks for sharing. What you could not mention: Similar to the space shuttle, where the changeover from CFC foaming to nitrogen foaming of the tank for environmental reasons led to the root cause of the crash, the root cause of this incident becoming a catastrophe was the routing of the diverter discharge to the mud-gas separator instead of directly overboard, again for environmental reasons to avoid accidental hydrocarbon discharge… Had it gone directly overboard – no fire.

  14. Well, you made it right for us again, BP!
    Coastal business is up and profits are soaring again because you kept your promise to all Americans. The beaches are clean and the water is warm, let the summer good times begin again!
    We salute BP for its tireless commitment to the people of the affected areas, no other profit-seeking company could have achieved what BP did nor could anyone else have accomplished such a massive undertaking in so short a time!
    For all that you do BP… THANKS A MILLION!

  15. Google: PBS Frontline The Spill

    A documentary that shows BP not addressing safety issues and other potential eco hazards like the Gulf Spill around the Globe

  16. Google: PBS Frontline The Spill

    A documentary that shows BP not addressing safety issues and other potential eco hazards like the Gulf Spill around the Globe

  17. Google: PBS Frontline The Spill

    A documentary that shows BP not addressing safety issues and other potential eco hazards like the Gulf Spill around the Globe

  18. We know what the cause of the DWH accident was. It was BP’s irresponsible management who were in a hurry to have the well finished so they could begin pumping oil as soon as possible so they instructed the drilling contractor to speed it up and as such BP wanted the job done its way and failed to follow correct procedures as the job was taking longer than expected which was costing BP money…All the window dressing by BP to blame others for the accident just doesn’t hold water…

  19. @ExpertOfSound I think i remember seeing some channel name rickastley or something it could have been vevo but i doubt it

  20. Regardless of what caused the biggest oil spill in history, the big question remains to ask yourselves: How can this kind of disaster be prevented from happening again? My answer: MAKE FRIGGEN WIND MILLS!

  21. @923TARA The MC 252 well has been shut in since July 15 and therefore activity among the remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) near the seabed is now limited. Additionally, footage may be off-line due to ROVs being out of service due to maintenance and/or operational task-specific breaks.

  22. Well done high-level summary in a short amount of time, and I appreciate the voluntary sharing of information this early in the investigation process.

    Thoughts & prayers for the families of the eleven lost.

  23. @ExpertOfSound Hell will break out over earth if he decides to rap a song about how bp is going to try and clean up the mess.

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