What would happen if hollywood or bollywood celebrities decide to criticize the USwars in Afghanistan & Mexico?

Question by Thee Gringo Douglas McCoi: What would happen if hollywood or bollywood celebrities decide to criticize the USwars in Afghanistan & Mexico?
Unlike the 60’s, now a days, singers, celebrities actress and /or actors have to bite their tongue. Free Speech is just for brave people not for ” celebrities “. lol. In Mexico the war is a different kind of war, because since 45% of the US military Forces are Mexican-Americans, the USA can’t send the military to Mexico. So the USA needs to use different strategies and tactics to destabilize Mexico and get Oil and drugs. Many top government and military officials, journalists and business men in Mexico, have been murdered by the secret programs of asseination abroad.( LD Colosio, M Cluthier, Aguilar Zinzer, Edgar Millan, Camilo Mouriño , Santiago Vasconcelos, etc etc etc….The war is an underground war conducted by the CIA killers. In Mexico, the CIA kill people and then blame on the “drug cartels”.
In Irak or Afghanistan, they kill people and blow up bombs ,and then, blame on suicidal terrorists. The CIA are the real terrorists and drug traffickers.

I feel sorry for the CIA. Under the Republican Bush administration they were acting like savage brainless animals. Hopefully this will change with the new CIA director Leon Panetta

What do U think folks?

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Answer by MADDOG
so the CIA were “savage, brainless animals” and just all of a sudden changed when a new director was installed?

Someone needs to walk to the front of their cave and enjoy the sunshine.

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4 thoughts on “What would happen if hollywood or bollywood celebrities decide to criticize the USwars in Afghanistan & Mexico?

  1. hmmm…. I dunno.
    I don’t think ” celebrities” have the ability and knowledge to express a non-biased opinion based on free speech and critical thinking.
    So forget about getting answers from ” celebrities” they are so busy chating on cell phones or watching American Idol.
    Besides hat, Hollywood and Bollywood joined forces http://bollywood.buzzine.com/2009/07/from-bollywood-to-hollywood/
    same creators.

    and about the Secret programs…. God will judge them.

  2. Why on earth would anyone think an actor’s political opinion was any better than a dentist, a baker or a candle stick maker?

    Any way they are free to express their opinions. And to reap the results there of. The Constitution prohibits government interference with the exercise of free speech.

    It does not prevent private citizens from boycotting your business. Not even show business.

    As to the rest of this rant. Where is your evidence? So the CIA had a plan to hunt and kill terrorist. Which they never actually put into operation.

    Personally I don’t think slapping them on the wrist and sending them to bed without supper would change their behavior.

    What did you think? We were going to give them a time out! Make them stand in the corner!

  3. They should respect freedom of speech but I hope all you say be just a mistake because this would be awful for both countries because business in Mexico and USA are the same and they should take care their back.

  4. Mexico is reeling from drug violence more deadly than the war in Afghanistan. Six died in this shootout, but nearly 100 people are being murdered every week. In one gun battle this month, six killed from one drug gang, 14 from another in a fight over turf.

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