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  1. Карлсончик, дорогой :))

  2. All I have to say is the next Bond movie had better include a Paramotor? sequence!

  3. Equipment doesn’t seem to cost that much. By the way? it takes lots of time and lots of practice/experience in order to master such skills.

  4. Unbelieveable!!!! I’d never have the nerve -these guys are INSANE!!!!!! And amazing.?

15 Year Old Girl Paramotor Flying Flat Top 120 & K2!!! Easiest Powered Paraglider Equipment!!!

800-707-2525 Paramotor flying 15 year old girl!!! Powered paraglider easiest, safest, most durable and most reliable equipment make paramotoring so easy a 15 year old girl can do it no problem. SUPERSAVANNAH rocks!! The Flat Top 120 is one of the lightest units on the market while also being over 100 times stronger and more durable then other units. The Flat Top design also has all the latest safety like handless seating. Notice Flat Top pilots never take their hands off the controls right after launch to try to pull themselves into the seat. With a Flat Top you just pick your feet up and presto, you are in the seat. Plus the Flat Top design allows you to run like the wind. The harness is the lightest and strongest on the market made with spectra cloth. 15 year old girls to 300 lb guys have no problem with the Flat Top as the design is incredibly revolutionary. With the lightest seatboard that tucks up perfectly at the base of your butt it allows a freedom of movement beyond anything we’ve seen. Most harnesses bang you in the back of the legs when you run making it difficult to get up to speed and causing falls on a regular basis. The 15 year old girl in this video shows just how easy the Flat Top can be launched in nil wind at high altitude. This isn’t a smaller or different frame, the Flat Top is exactly the same for every unit. The only difference is the power plant used. So the Flat Top 120 uses the exact same frame & harness as the crazy powerful Flat
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