ASYMMETRY TO ENLIGHTENMENT is the Second part to “SYMMETRY OF DARKNESS”. It is a Technical Disclosure made Public today, on Tesla’s Birthday. Finally it came in…A Free Energy Machine Methodology, not for just one…but for all. This Asymmetrical Systems will “brake” all -up to now- Classic Physics Laws…ancient laws that related to the only Model they have locked in Time…The Symmetrical Systems. Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!!!
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  1. Why don’t YOU SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE DONE, instead of running your mouth telling others how they should do it?

  2. 897 i would like to see some of your experiments with energy!

    Because it seems like you are a genius in this issue and you know every think about it!

    Why don´t you show us something otherwise you are fraud big mouth buzzer beeper!!!

    Go and watch some cartons maybe Noody!!!!

  3. Hello Kyoscience,
    The Asymmetrical model displayed on this video is at its most general and simpler concept in order to be understood easier..where Stators are Permanent Magnets.

    The energy enters through the Input brushes and IF it is a Wound Stator, it could be pulsed-controlled together with brush in, and obtain the Energy from the reversed field, like I show on this video: watch?v=1_dRIj5gpbA
    So yes, Stators and Rotor output energy.
    Yes, they could charge batteries and caps too.


  4. So for the model presented in this video, the generated energy is collected from the commutator and the input energy enters through the stator, am i right? And I am assuming that when one asymmetric generator/motor is soley dedicated as a prime mover and the other as a generator then both the stator and the commutator will be outputs>> I’ve also seen other youtube users post videos of your design with the run battery actually charging while running the motor>> Have you noticed this effect?

  5. Thanks KyooScience,
    Yes they could be scaled up to lift off a whole city…how is that?
    Not exactly in the same structures I am rendering now…but yes, they could be scaled up.
    An Asymmetric Motor by itself as a single unit could not produce more Watts at output because the resistance and magnetic coil losses…but very close…
    Now, the way they do produce COP> is when we incorporate dedicated asymmetric generators to the motor as prime mover…then they do.


  6. I have seen the videos of ur prototypes generating energy while also working as a motor, which is already a step up from the conventional industrial motors which have been sucking energy and the dollars from our pockets for 130 plus too many years>> but I have a few question about this machine>> can it be scaled up to retrofit a car? and does it generate more output wattage than the input?

  7. Analogies?…have you seen my builds?
    The problem of not reading well the final letters…all this ARE NOT THEORIES , they are ALL based on real LAB TEST PROTOTYPES…my friend.

  8. making dumb analogies to explain things you don’t fully understand may make you a physicist in a way (a bad one) but it doesn’t make you an engineer. you can’t just think your way to free energy by making analogies. the real world doesn’t work that way.

    why limit yourself to a brushed design. why not take tesla a little further and use ac like all industrial machines for 130+ years? after all the losses of the brushes are pretty high.

  9. Hello Dear,

    The logic behind killing the Dipole?…Simple, to keep system closed, redundantly and constantly weakening itself, a parasitical system that would never produce more than…or power more than…a “balanced system” to a perfect zero equation…and whenever “not zero” but negative…will kick back at our Input…as “Parasitical and Randomly” generated spikes…
    “The Main Purpose” I reflected on the Symmetry of Darkness…and simple…to keep using the stinking Gas Engines.

  10. I have to ask because I am purely a layman: what is the logic behind destroying the source dipole in the classical model? I understand that it is a re-gauging process (ie altering potential energy of the system?), but how is this seemingly pointless destruction of the dipole argued to be benefiting mainstream symmetrical systems? Thank you!

  11. Hello Hannon1492,
    Tesla’s MAIN Patented Idea was to use Independently Energized Coils, whether Pairs or Groups thereof, isolated from the rest, this delivers Asymmetrical Magnetic Patterns, not like Symmetry, where all Groups are connected between them either in series or parallel, delivering a CONSTANT SYMMETRICAL PATTERN.
    This is THE BASIC PRINCIPLE,Now from here,many others have Invented Motors and Generators based on this Main Claim for many years,as they have also being suppressed.


  12. Hi, I have one question: Tesla patented his motors and later designed, built and supervised the first motors used in Niagara power plant. Why didn´t he apply these ideas into those first generation of motor if supposedly he discovered this concept previosly? Why didn´t he speak about higher than expected power production and he kept on searching for ways to harness the cosmic energy? Are you sure that Tesla really discovered these concepts?Is this new way of wiring explained in Tesla´s patents?

  13. great video…. energy tech suppression is HIGH on their list.. in fact they produce oil BELOW cost just to keep their monopoly going

  14. The “shifting” occurs in Two Ways…meaning Our Input reverses…but as our Input reverses…there is another flow within…(not shown on video not to create confusion or complicate it even more)…and that flow is actually opposite to the Output Flow…or of same direction as our Input…and it is from Radiant Energy…and the way to see that…is with a couple of simple diodes at output, and connect a neon at low pulses of machine…;)

  15. No mistake at all, each coil gets energized at Input stage, filling the “battery”…then discharging the “battery” at Output…Battery is a virtual concept in order to represent the Coil Charge. Where each coil has its independent “Storage Capacity” or “battery”…
    You wrote…”there is only one magnetic field in space”…wrong…there are so many different magnetic field patterns you can not imagine… ;)

  16. I think you made an error there. Just because you have two seperate loops of wire doesnt mean there are two batteries. It’s still only one battery, because there is only one magnetic field in space, nothing is bound to any loop of wire. They both see the same one and only magnetic field.

  17. Nice explanation of avoiding Lenz’ Law. Good graphics. I think we need many charming princesses to support the load, and they have to learn to support a variable load too …

  18. To get off oil we need to be able to modify the existing fleet. Ethanol, methanol and natural gas can all work on your EXISTING car.
    Look, I cannot wait to get my Tesla S in a couple of weeks, but will take 40 years until everyone drives an electric car (hydrogen or battery). We cannot afford to wait 40 years. 40 years = loss of $12 trillion. Every carbon we save today is 10 times more important than carbon saved in 40 years. Not to mention the lifes of our sons fighting at the golf.

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