FFXI Dance Party Before Server Shutdown

RIP victims of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami, I hope the situation gets better out there soon. This was moments before SE had to shutdown their servers to conserve electricity, from the moment I logged on people were debating and arguing in /shout then people started /dancing so I joined in and recorded it before servers shut down. Server messege: Due to the earthquake that occured in the north east coastal regions of Japan on March 10,2011, the power companies in Japan have encouraged everyone to cooperate by conserving as much energy as possible as it is fears there will not be enough energy available. Baed on the current situation, we have decided to temporarily suspend the PlayOnline service starting from March 13, 2011 at 2:00 am (PST) / at 10:00 (GMT).

25 thoughts on “FFXI Dance Party Before Server Shutdown

  1. japan is stupid! conserve energy? wtf kind if bull-ish is that? im mad! they have more then enough energy for everyone! they just want to be duech faces and cut all of us off for the dumbest reason in the world! japan is stupid and i hope everyone is ok.

  2. I just ordered this game on 360 right before i heard about the tsunami…

    I wanted to get back into the game, any server recommendations?

    And i’m tired of hearing trolls tell me “don’t get back on it’s dying”

  3. I wish you recorded when we all popped JAs! That was my favourite part. I also wish I had been on Boxworm :( My poor gimp THF in her Beetle gear!

    This was fun though!! Was better than the debating :D Thanks for recording, this is a good memory ^_^

  4. maybe if they didnt make all their walls out of rice paper, we all could be playing right now, and yes im a dick i know already thanks in advance

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