When The Universe Will End

Hank serves up a buffet of news items that includes an approximate date for the end of everything, scientific proof that when it comes to sex bigger IS better, and a look behind how the London Olympics are going green. Bon appetit! Like Scishow? www.facebook.com Follow SciShow! www.twitter.com References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: dft.ba scishow, science, biology, news, humanity, extinction, neanderthal, archaeology, supervolcano, campi flegrei, universe, big rip, big bang, dark energy, galaxy, sex, sex appeal, size, bats, echolocation, douglas emlen, entomology, fitness, rhinoceros beetle, insulin, summer olympics, london, sport, green, energy conservation, traffic, air pollution, cityscan, atmosphere, nitrogen dioxide, no2, carbon footprint, east end, recycling, games
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24 thoughts on “When The Universe Will End

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  2. Well we’d better get starting on creating a new universe for us to go to before this one is ripped apart. That’s the nice thing about the future, anything can happen. We learn how to make a new universe within a million years and in another 6 billion years it will have calmed down enough there to move in leaving another 10 billion to improve the technology.

  3. Yeah, its apparently impossible. As it turns out I dont understand big bang at all.
    Our first probes are leaving our solar system in couple of years. So that atleast is apparently possible. And if that probe just keeps on going for million years, is it really impossible to go to the space between galaxies? There are allready millions of rogue planets and even stars flying around in weird tangents all over the galaxy. Why would some of them not slip completely out of the galaxy?

  4. *Continued* It will first become a red giant, engulfing the Earth, then will condense back down to a white dwarf. So in conclusion, not only will we Not be able to cleverly deceive the big rip and escape the inexorable end, but there will not even be an Earth on which to live.

  5. What you are speaking of here is an impossibility. You are wanting to (in theory, at least) move towards the “center” of the universe as a way to “travel back in time” and escape the rip entirely, right? Let me make this clear: There is no possible way to do what you are conceiving in your mind. Furthermore, separating from the Milky Way is not only an impossibility, but also (as MasterAsra hinted) the sun will be nothing like what you see today.

  6. Whow. Damn, I was way off actually. Thank you so much, and sorry. I’m going to go stand in the corner for a while and ponder my mistakes.

  7. And if you do that, you’ll realize that everything I said was 100% accurate with modern physics. The Universe is flat and there is no center because every part of it is simultaneously expanding.

  8. Are you seriously going for a personal attack? The Universe is on a technical flat plane and everything is expanding at the same time. Everything appears to be moving away from everything else unless it’s already close together because of this. Just do some actual research instead of whining about it.

    2:00 Even Hank mentions it.

    Honestly, you’re too simple minded to understand how things work. Just google “Center of the Universe” and “Shape of the Universe” and realize you’re so very wrong.

  9. There is no actual center of the universe because it was a single point which exploded outward from itself, creating the universe as it stretched. The Big Bang wasn’t exactly an ordinary explosion since it “created” space. Everywhere you could possibly, knowingly go, is stretching and being pulled. So there really isn’t some hypothetical center of the cosmos to seek refuge in. The only way to survive a Big Rip would be somehow “leaving” the entire universe itself.

  10. He’s not wrong. The big rip does happen merely because of expansion coming from one point. There is no center of the universe either, since every part of the universe is expanding at the same rate.

    Think of it this way, the entire Universe expanded from a single point and has never stopped, and is still expanding like a balloon from that point, which is basically everywhere. Picture an infinitely small speck blown up like a balloon and that is the universe.

  11. So big rip is not what Hank just said? Hank said we accelerate untill we go too fast and the big rip happens. Is Hank wrong?

    Universe expands away from the point of origin. If you move towards the point of origin, you are not moving away from it. You are not part of the expansion, if you are going back towards the center. So can we go bact towards the center? We would have to escape our galaxy first, this is just a hypothetical idea.

  12. The speeding up isn’t actually what is what is going to rip apart the entire universe, it’s partly the effect on gravity. Stopping the Solar system’s movement isn’t going to do anything, and 17 billion years from now the sun will have already completely burnt out. The tearing isn’t going to be from being flung at such high speeds, it’s basically the stretching. Since the entire universe is expanding “everywhere”, localized stopping won’t stop the sun, the planets and humans from being destroyed.

  13. Yeah, so lets not do that. Thats what I am saying. Lets not speed up untill we are ripped to shreads. Lets slow the hell down.

  14. except the universe is only 12.7 Billion

    Still its entire lifespan + to go, and besides, we may be entirley wrong 

  15. Even when the Big Rip happens, something will either replace it instantly, or it will reform instantly. If the Universe is broken down so much, time will cease to exist. Therefore, something will be back in the space at once, as the thing we know as Nothing cannot exist.

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