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  1. WARNING!!! JIM MARRS can not get a word in or a complete sentence without
    being interrupted by AJ!!! OPs Normal!!! ALEX! SHUT UP!

  2. Alternative Energy Conspiracy Part 1: “Alex Jones & Jim Marrs, Alternative
    Energy Revealed.” “Jim Marrs can’t be ignored. Few in this country shout
    about The Truth louder than he.” -Dallas Observer. See his complete
    collection of books @

  3. The free-energy disclosure movement is *not* what you think, and disinfo
    agents like Benjamin Creme.. or Alex Jones with guests like Paul Hellyer,
    David icke, Foster Gamble, Jim Marrs etc are leading you right into the NWO
    instead of telling you the truth. The *REAL* coming free energy is the
    reason why Alex Jones is at Stonehenge.. or David Icke is at Macchu
    Picchu.. or why Foster Gamble and Benjamin Creme are also now at these
    Ancient Mystery `electromagnetic sites`, and infowars guests like Paul
    Hellyer are talking about `new free energy` in terms of “alien

    Please note for example that *THRIVE is set on board a UFO* thats looking
    at these Mystery Sites, Energy in the Universe and Aliens..

    They are setting up the new `electromagnetic planetary-energy-grid` that
    the Antichrist and his forces will use.. *Illuminati Card Game* `13 13 13`
    or the `Church of Middle America` `Messiah`…

    Youtube ` NWO ENERGY UPDATE..(INTER-PLANETARY Secret Societies) `


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