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Minnesota State Representative Glenn Gruenhagen (R), known for his outrageous statements about homosexual genetics and welfare as a government scheme to pay …
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  1. Alternative Energy Conspiracy Part 2: “Alex Jones & Jim Marrs, Alternative
    Energy Revealed. “Jim Marrs can’t be ignored. Few in this country shout
    about The Truth louder than he.” -Dallas Observer. See his complete
    collection of books @

  2. Anthropogenic global warming is a hoax. The computer models are wrong, the
    science has been hijacked by politics

  3. Well.. Then what are we going to use as power source when there is no more
    oil and gas? Gl humanity

  4. How in the fudge mcnuggets is this guy a congressman? We have approximately
    forty years of oil left in the world if we use it at its current rate. We
    have to switch to renewable energy, which would be less expensive than oil
    if it wasn’t for the gigantic GOVERNMENT PROVIDED subsidies the oil
    industry is given.

  5. What a tool. Must be funded by oil companies in his campaigns. Guys like
    this are the reason we have a useless congress. He can’t even speak in
    proper English. Typical Republican, projects their malfeasance off to the
    other side. Fuck. This. Guy.

  6. you think so ? good luck with that thought look up U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
    and say that after you read what is in it

  7. Mr. Gruenhagen, did you ever consider sticking your head out the window, or
    maybe watching the weather reports? Even your go-to station, FOX, has
    constant “Extreme Weather” updates. America needs you and your fellow
    ostrichs to get your head out of the hole and just take a look around. Now,
    tell me everything is just the same as it always was. You don’t have to
    believe 97% of climate scientists, just look for yourself.

  8. This guy is making a point and to thikpeople on this comments are not
    believing him show how much you’ve been brainwashed by your government

  9. Climate change is such bullshit… In fact just last week a report came put
    that scientists can’t figure out why since 1999 the global warming is lowed
    down to a point where it’s barely noticeable….:/ also we only have
    accurate weather recordings since the 30’s so maybe it was a global cooling
    then and now it’s going back to normal..

  10. if you’re going to speak through your…socks like that, please wash them
    mr. willard.

  11. What possible motive does the United Nations have in this so called climate
    change agenda?

  12. Finally the truth! Global Warming hoax is about money & power
    redistribution and like usual, the Authoritarian leftists use “useful
    idiots” to promote a LIE to gain OTHER people’s money & power

  13. because they are all we ever have and ever will have. if our economy can
    not accomodate that…then it is time for an overhaul. and my
    friends… is about that time.

  14. Poor Minnesota..Bachman is bad enough…but to add this moron.

  15. YouTube gurus know everything!!! religion, government, and now mother
    nature ! dope!!! hahahahahaha lost sheep. keep swimmin

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