Jerome Corsi, author, political commentator and World Net Daily columnist best known for his two New York Times bestselling books: The Obama Nation and Unfit…
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  1. I could never believe that the second largest amount of liquid on the
    Earth, came from dead animals and vegetation!

  2. I presume that Jerome Corsi added the Nazis so he could put a swastika on
    his book cover. Corsi is no doubt aware that swastikas are mighty marketing
    tools in American bookstores. While it is true that Russian geophysicists
    developed an abiotic origin of oil theory in the 1930s and 40s, they never
    proposed that oil was cheap, plentiful, and renewable, and they most
    definitely did NOT get the idea from the Nazis.

    I must say that Corsi’s suggestion of a vast conspiracy between American
    industry and the political left is one of the funniest damned things I’ve
    heard in years. And, it is very odd that the Nazis “discovered” that oil
    was cheap and plentiful but simultaneously struggled with Germany’s dearth
    of petroleum throughout the war. It is doubly odd that the Nazi government
    funded research and development of the Fischer-Tropsch process in order to
    convert coal to synthetic oil.

  3. When someone comes up with a battery that is the size of a gas tank, and
    takes 5 minutes to charge, then everyone will want an electric car. THAT is
    never going to happen! How about Thorium Nuclear powered cars, with special
    training for Techy owners – I’m dreaming! There is no replacement for
    Gasoline. I say that as a CNG car owner since 2006.

  4. I hate myself but I voted for Romney out of fear of what an Obama win would
    entail. Take your pick. Commie Obama or fascist Romney. Google “Romney
    starts Bain with money borrowed from El Salvadorean oligarchs.” If Obama
    wins he and his Commie buddies will continue to attack the wealthy fascist
    Bush faction that controlled the White House since the Neocon takeover. If
    I must choose I will take fascism over Communism anytime.

  5. Is Joseph Farah shilling for the Zionists? When I sent him a e-mail asking
    him why he never exposes the Jew’s part in much of the world’s catastrophes
    he responded. “What do you want me to do about it?

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