Nikola Tesla in the Silicon Valley (Preview)

Support the Kickstarter campaign to build a statue of Nikola Tesla to inspire creativity at You can see the first Tesla animation…
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Full presentation – Mark Passio’s website – Mark Passio – WOEIH playlist – http…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

15 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla in the Silicon Valley (Preview)

  1. Thank you for this animation, I laughed my ass off. I was raised in the
    “Valley” and most of this inside jokes are hilariously true.

  2. Do you need a sculptor? This guy is an unreal talent and a good friend from

  3. Remember when we talked about that awesome project by Northern Imagination?
    (See original post here:

    We have some more great news! Our friends have created a new (hilarious!) +
    GoAnimate #video in support of their Kickstarter campaign to build a
    statue of Nikola Tesla that will inspire creativity! Watch the attachment
    to see what we’re talking about.

    Check out the press they got in the San Francisco Chronicle and see the
    other video here:

    You can support their Kickstarter campaign by donating at the following

  4. We are releasing a 2nd Tesla Animation today as we look for a big finish
    to the Tesla Statue Kickstarter project (link in video). Support the
    project for the sake of creativity and a renewed Silicon Valley commitment
    to people, innovation and invention. (Your shares of the last video +Guy
    Kawasaki and +Avinash Kaushik were amazingly helpful so adding again!)

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