1. wow, thats better than a compass and better than a radar, did you try it
    with direct sun light? regular cooking microwaves? etc?

  2. seria bueno tener la traduccion o sub-titulos recuerden esta frase, ” y si
    la cura del cancer la tuviera atrapada en la mente de quien no puede pagar
    sus estudios” compartamos informacion algun dia una persona terminara el
    trabajo de tesla y pondra en practica sus potenciales proyectos

  3. Are you posting this because of the Tesla Motors patent announcement? If
    not it’s a great coincidence

  4. I’m skeptical.
    Firstly Tesla did not invent AC, that honour belongs to Michael Faraday and
    practical Sc was working in Europe before Tesla demonstrated it to
    Even the most famous invention Tesla patented and attributed to himself was
    invented by Galilelo Ferrari… the polyphase motor,
    True AC is convenient for long distance transmission on account a
    transformer easily steps up the voltage but at a set voltage, AC has far
    greater losses than DC.
    Now days, because stepping up DC to high voltages is easy, it is employed
    in long distance distribution precisely because DC has far less losses than
    HVDC transmission is now found on all continents, US and Australia.
    The man with the oversized medallion in this video is either unaware of
    this or he is deliberately misleading you.
    Do a search, you will find all that I say is true and you will probably
    conclude that the myth that is bandied about by Tesla lovers is exaggerated
    to the extreme.
    It appears to me that he patented everything that he came across…
    Thin film transistor? No, that was Bell Labs.
    Radio control logic? No, that was Boole.
    He even patented ‘Boat’… That’s got to tell you the Tesla Myth is a main
    course short of a meal.

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