Energy reform, nonviolent power and the elite conspiracy against humanity are discussed with THRIVE director Foster Gamble. Coming from the seat of power and…

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  1. Agree ..this is a great film and so is the concept that WE have free
    will…a mind of our own and the ability to open our minds and see the
    real….from the unreal 

  2. Daniel Nunez – check him out on YT He has a toroidal coil that does AMAZING
    THINGS Seriously folks, look at what he’s invented. A power transformer
    that emits a magnetic field so symmetrical, so organized, it amps up
    voltage with NO consumption. It needs to be ‘tuned’ to a harmonic
    frequency, and once the note is played, it is magic. Bring him on, and have
    him explain it. Foster should know about him as well.

  3. i thought the doc was good up till the point they started spouting off free
    market libertarian bullshit ideology. you want real solutions that work for
    mankind then look inside of yourself and be the change you want to see as
    ghandi said. one thing i have noticed people follow a leader. you just lead
    they will start to follow. imagine a world were we loved just a little bit
    more, tried just a bit harder, gave a bit more of ourselves and everyday
    even a bit more what would you see on the porch?

  4. And which one of the coercive systems, based on theft backed by the threat
    of violence, (Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Majority RULE,etc., would you
    propose? Who do you think should rule us? To whom do you want to give over
    your power?

  5. i think you push a libertarian free market system which is as good as
    promoting satan. i will give you some credit for trying but your
    conclusions are all wrong.

  6. The Earth doesn’t care about us. When we’re gone, it will rub out most of
    the traces pretty quickly and regenerate. Problem solved. Let’s go to hell.
    Tally Ho! ;)

  7. religion and the creation of “Gods” is precisely part of the mechanism of
    control, you’re sucked into it just as bad.

  8. wow foster gamble actually commented on the video. i congratulate him on
    realizing that if one person suffers, we all suffer. buzzsaw seems to be
    full of people who could have gone the greedy corrupt route but broke away
    from their pack. we the masses welcome you into humanity, lol. keep up the
    good work. energy should be free, lets make it that way.

  9. lol, yes of course the Earth does not give a fuck and if we do not serve
    our purpose on Earth, she will get rid of us just like many other species
    before us. Your comment made me laugh because it reminded me of a line from
    the late great George Carlins routine, where he says” the Earth aint goin
    no where…WE ARE!!! Pack your shit folks, we are goin away :)))

  10. Yes, I have been privileged to visit labs where I have seen quite a few.
    It’s a moving and encouraging experience.

  11. The Earth is a Free Energy machine and it works just fine regardless of
    wihat we have done to it.

  12. Religion is one of our stranger addictions. The high sucks and people keep
    buying into it.

  13. Hey SugarPop – What did you think of Thrive? and this interview – where I
    address the P&G issue. None of my family has been involved in running the
    company for 3 generations. Our family owns a tiny portion of the
    corporation and we have been active in getting rid of over 90% of the
    animal testing – less successful with pollution and organics. I do what I
    can. I have divested all but enough to still participate in shareholder
    actions. In my situation, what would you do?

  14. Hey Mr. Gamble, instead of using your time doing this interview with (I am
    so disappointed with you sean stone) why not you and your board of director
    can do something about these issues: cruel animal testing and use of toxic
    chemicals in your products. Here are some examples you could start with:
    GAIN and TIDE:tests have found high levels of 1,4-dioxane, which is a
    synthetic petrochemical carcinogen. PANTENE and HEAD AND SHOULDERS : are
    tested in animals, contain pesticides and other petroleum

  15. So funny I just watched Thrive and was thinking they would be great on
    Buzzsaw . The collective unconscious is working.much love!

  16. Watch the movie, and then make up your mind, don’t base your opinion of him
    on this interview.

  17. free markets is what made america great! the power in the constitution and
    bill of rights enabled free markets without intervention, of course they
    really don’t exist any more in any practical sense.. now we have “leaders”
    that have all the power, the power they were never suppose to get free
    markets – bullshit? well history disagrees with you or you could keep
    waiting on a savior, if he/she ever comes, it wont last – absolute power
    corrupts absolutely

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