24 thoughts on “Peak Oil scientifically disproved (there is no oil shortage)

  1. In order to be a clear explanation peace and quit would be required. Good
    intentionally as they may be the music is really annoying competing with
    his voice.

  2. Getting away from that peak oil scam that has been going on for 50 years.
    There’s more oil now than ever and more down there and we’ll never run out
    of abiotic oil.
    But let’s diverge a little. 9/10th of a cent pays for maintenance of the
    roads. Every one buying gas to drive on the roads that need maintenance,
    pays for exactly that. Those wonderful electric cars drive on these same
    roads and pay nothing.
    These junkmobiles are expensive and the batteries don’t last long. The
    batteries cost more than the cars, in many instances.
    What do you call an electric car with a dead battery? A brick. A useless
    piece of junk.

  3. Many People might see this Video and think this information is a joke. The
    only way this could ever be funny to anyone, is if you are gullible enough
    to believe that your Government Masters really do care about your well
    being. Every person that sees this Video should Google search Aboitic Oil,
    Peak Oil Pressure, and Oil Cartel Conspiracy.
    Find out why we still pay 9/10ths of a cent on each gallon of gasoline and
    you will begin to see the Corruption imposed upon us by our Masters. Do not
    be a Slave to the lies anymore, wake up and help others do the same. 

  4. In response to Jecpin, oil is getting cheaper to extract, so there is
    presently no peak oil and nothing on the horizon for the rest of this

  5. Oil is abiotic. It’s being formed below us as I type. We will never run
    out of oil. This is good. Burning oil creates carbon dioxide which makes
    the plants grow but unfortunately also cools the planet.

  6. a brilliant video:)
    and that picture of a bible has put me back on the right path – a christian
    god really works in mysterious ways. even though you tried to keep quiet
    about christianity and the bible, he forced you to draw a picture of it.
    this could well qualify as a miracle.

  7. peak oil has nothing to do with oil pressure!!!! the term “peak oil” refers
    to the availability of CHEAP oil. as it becomes increasingly expensive to
    extract oil from harder to reach places, production goes down and the price
    of oil goes up. this moron has no idea what he’s talking about.

  8. If oil is running out (for which its not) than I can guarantee you that the
    military would quickly take control of the rest of our oil reserves by
    force. The last remaining oil would be used for tanks, military equipment
    and ect, Not for us people to waste it on our cars to drive to the grocery
    store to pick up sugar for grandmas cookies. So until the military takes
    control and rations out oil, than you have nothing to worry about.

  9. Surely this must be some kind of parody, put together by some Peak Oiler to
    try to convince everyone else that all opposition to Peak Oil dogma is from

  10. Gee, PP, now I’m starting to wonder whether YOU are being satirical. Sorry
    it took me so long to catch on.

  11. I understand scientists are working on a system to make fuel out of bibles.
    Hallelulia all our problems will be solved.

  12. I looked to see if peak oil was fake. The first video I found was a banjo
    background with an old dude and a pencil.

  13. LOL….we are fed a myth of an oil shortage….and oil reserves are up 100%
    over the last decade worldwide…..it’s all about maintinence of the

  14. How ignorant can someone be? Finite world, moron. Keep using ANYTHING long
    enough and it runs out. No magic man in the sky guaranteed infinite
    resources. You make all Xians look like fools spouting this nonsense. It
    was entertaining though. I laughed all the way through.

  15. On the graph, it doesnt go up to a peak on an individual well. It starts
    out producing at the peak and goes down from there. Peak oil is referred to
    as when all the oil production in the world reaches it’s peak out put.

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