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Official Stanley meyer Autopsy report. This was sent to me from the coroners office in Columbus Ohio. The coronor refused to talk about the situation.

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  1. In America, in the 70’s there was a guy who had a car that ran on water
    called Stanley Meyer, many people say he was killed by the oil companies.

  2. I wonder why some MIT grads haven’t figured out how to do this, the
    solution seems to be completely explained here.

  3. some body note in the other car? at the back of his car he using a redi
    line generator! that means he not just using 12 volts to produce hho he
    using high voltage ac im didn’t know about this generator until now. that’s
    why he can produce a lot of hho to run the car

  4. I have been involved with electronics all my life and know a lot of
    theory,.that said, Stan is blabbering idiotic terminology bordering on
    flux capacitors.
    In other words, he’s full of shit. Now before you all go psycho on me let
    me explain that he’s not out right lying. This is what crack pot inventors
    do when they endeavor into things that are not based on science and defy
    the laws of energy conservation. This is because they believe it’s
    possible, just like people of blind faith believe. They do this to lure
    other believers in and donate money and continue trying to accomplish the

  5. The Stanley Meyer HHO/Water Car
    Were replicated and improved….
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  6. burning at the sparkplug only? did anybody else get that? everyone is
    making these electrolysis devices but he just said the only poiht in which
    the oxygen from hydrogen is seperated is when the wster reaches the

  7. youtube removed my copy of this…… why is this one still here? does not
    matter to me……keep it up……i hope it stays posted, this is the
    greatist video of all times

  8. if anything, the government should’ve protected this man. His technology
    could’ve made the world see water in a whole new way. Maybe they were
    afraid of what his technology would have on the value of water and the
    value of oil. We need to get all cars to run on this technology now!! No
    more paying for gas, just get water from your faucet and drive!!! Water is
    reusable and renewable.

  9. @YELBIHS i have no faith, zero faith , i have no faith that tomorrow i will
    wake up. i have no faith that i will fall asleep when i am tired. So no i
    don’t technically have faith in myself . yes i am able to get over
    struggles in life and move forward and learn and grow despite lack of
    faith. i believe in myself the things i am capable of doing. that’s not
    faith that’s my perception on my reality, reality is not always changing
    its a constant only your perception on reality changes .

  10. @shaktiIIIgta It WAS PROVEN OTHERWISE, so much so that NASA uses it on its
    space shuttle. Time to wake up…

  11. Stan was a con artist. At best HHO cars get about a 25% improvement in gas
    economy. You can get the same improvement by installing water injection as
    all these systems do is improve the combustion process efficiency. Stan’s
    claim his engine ran on water only is a complete lie.

  12. @shaktiIIIgta how the fuk do u know this is fake. THE MAN GOT MURDER

  13. Thanks A Million Stefan. Please continue to post up these videos as often
    as you locate them. This is the single most profound video I’ve ever seen
    relating to this subject. Stanley Meyer speaks with profound clarity- and
    experience. Thank you :)

  14. @Galv140577 You did already reply.. Here’s the deal.. Cars breath way more
    oxygen than we do while exhaling co2, water, and “unburnt hydrocarbons”..
    it is fact that oxygen levels have dropped a lot.. the unburnt hydrocarbons
    are due to the motor not getting enough oxygen.. they put turbo charger/
    compressors on the intake of motors to “boost” performance.. how does it
    boost? By forcing more oxygen into a cylinder which is upping the oxygen
    level giving the ability to burn more fuel

  15. @Galv140577 we know its not toxic but have you ever done the math to see
    HOW MUCH we produce and pump into the atmosphere???? there is a balance for
    the dynamics here if you did not know.. if we pump more CO2 into the
    atmosphere then the plants around the world take in, then we are creating a
    imbalance.. how many pounds of carbon are in 1 gallon of gas? almost 5
    pounds! in 2009 america was using 377million gallons of gasoline a day
    alone not counting diesel or coal.. you do the math!

  16. @bernieborn that’s cause you’re not gonna find your info in one video, u
    lazy moron. LOOK UP “STAN MEYERS WATER CAR” u can see the buggy running on
    this video from the news.

  17. Headache, nausea and vomiting are symptoms of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm
    so no big mystery that he would have vomited. He likely had neck pain and
    blurred or double vision as well. He was probably so paranoid that the
    first thing that came to his mind was that he’d been poisoned. If he engine
    actually worked as he said, the world would be full of them, simply because
    you cannot keep such a thing secret. Other people would have come with it
    as well independently. The whole basis for his engine had to do with
    getting the water to resonate which is impossible at the frequencies he was
    using. His method operated in the kilohertz range and water resonates at
    about 22 Ghz and only in its vapour form.

  18. I am a true believer in capitalism. If there was any truth to Stanley
    Meyers claims or invention there would be no force on Earth strong enough
    to keep entrepreneurial people from harnessing it’s power to earn billions
    and billions of dollars. Therefore I deduce that he was a fraud. It’s
    been decades, right?

  19. go watch the trailor for “waterboy” thats where the cia passed the
    messages for having him killed. one of his decoy characters used to be “the
    natural” and also forrect gump/football player.

    inventors deaths” out in the OPEN ? ? ….. … you are ddanvos68 YOU are

  21. Digitalis would kill and leave NO trace. This is equally true of insulin,
    and a host of other bio generated drugs. Cranberry juice would be an
    excellent masker as it would not only cover up the “sweetness” of
    digitalis, it would also enhance the rapid destruction of its molecular

    I can tell you from 6 years serving in the military that “official
    documents” represent some of the most elaborate fiction on the planet…

  22. They didn’t find any poisons in his system. Supposedly. Whose comment is
    “supposedly”? Yours? If the coroner’s report states there were no poisons,
    then there were no poisons. The coroner could have been bought off, by why?
    And who could enforce the contract if Stan was dead? The whole thing just
    doesn’t add up. The biggest elephant in the room is that Stan’s brother,
    after all these years, still cannot duplicate what Stan alleged he was able
    to do. He worked side by side with Stan, why CAN’T he duplicate the dune
    buggy. What happened to the dune buggy? You can reverse engineer almost
    anything if you have the device to begin with. Too many unanswered
    questions, too many facts that don’t add up. The circuit posted on youtube
    will not create enough hydrogen to power a four cylinder engine on the fly.
    He shows the power source as 115 vac, 60 HZ. That is not automobile power,
    that is house current. Just makes no sense.

  23. Though I’m no scientist, or claim to know WTF I’m talking about.

    Its pretty obvious to me he was poisoned with cyanide. If you’ve ever
    watched a documentary on the Iceman hitman, that was his method of choice
    because it is virtually undetectable after a few days. I noticed the body
    wasn’t viewed until the 22nd, and he died on the 20th. That’s plenty of
    time for the cyanide to be undetectable. It also kills you within minutes.

    The other part of this is that if his invention was a fraud I’m not sure
    how he got several U.S. patents. As I understand it, the invention doesn’t
    have to work, but it does have to work in theory…So you’d think if the
    science really wasn’t adding up his patents should have been denied…

  24. That’s why NATO used cranberry juice! To hide the poison! Too bad someone
    didn’t poison all of their drinks!!

  25. All ‘Rationalists’ who deny conspiracies & say its all baseless you do know
    the rules – law says the one who accuses should disprove, since you guys
    accuse Stanley of being a sham I challenge you guys to disprove his work
    before branding him as a sham. Dont act like daft fools and say well the
    Govt. says its a hoax so we believe it. Nonsense. Are you guys saying that
    Obama/Bush/Clinton are so truthful and so ethical that they don’t care for
    Arm-twisting of Multi-Trillion Dollar Energy Industry and that they only
    care for the common man..?

  26. Reading through most of the comments convinces me ignorance is widespread.
    Stan was a fraudster.

  27. I like to think that our own bodies’ cells are “water fuel cells…”
    Zero-point, even… (Under certain circumstances…)

  28. I will tell all of you people one thing: Science can go “F” itself, until
    the day that it *re-establishes* the truth that neutrons repel each other.
    This may be a very key factor in all of this. (Also, look at the E-Cat
    device.) It uses nickel as a catalyst for an “undefined” nuclear reaction.
    Could It be potentially ‘undefined’ because scientific nuclear theory was
    turned upside-down as a result of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in
    1945? (which they were…) There is a lot more to all of this, of
    course… because the Sun doesn’t even get but about 38% of it’s energy
    from fusion… Hmm, you say???

  29. Holy shit! This is a mater of “National Security” if technology like this
    gets out. There is no Money to be made selling water. So obviously Oil and
    Gas Co’s have the most to lose

  30. I spoke to a guy here in OH personally who was personal friends with Stan
    and an investor.

    He stated Stan was the real deal and his invention worked…he was very
    satisfied with his investment…NASA and DOE to name a few had been out to
    the work shop…they were all over him…wanting him to sign over his

    This guy again knew Stan they were neighbors and friends. The people who
    run this Govt are criminals…and we had better wake the fk up and deal
    with it.

  31. of course he was murdered, why the fuck would “NATO” officials meet with
    him in the first place.

  32. RIP Stan Meyer! may your technology live on through the masses! Big
    business and Fiat currencies was not built upon water…so how can we tax
    it ? or get rich from it? Imagine the catastrophic effect it would have on
    our B.S. Fiat system if Oil and energy was for free? IT is Earth
    First….then we mine and exploit all the other planets later’….word of
    warning to the next boffin who picks up the torch of Stan Meyer…..stay
    low and get it out to the masses ! 

  33. I’m reading the comments. Your either all morons, or a paid off
    disinformation agent. Stanley , like ALL free energy inventors was
    MURDERED. Start to investigate ALL overunity or free energy inventors, and
    they all finish in a weird death situation. Wake up people! The oil
    companies are making trillions!. Fraudster? Come on IDIOTS! There is no
    money to be made from using water as fuel!!

  34. His “water fuel cell” was later examined by three expert witnesses in court
    who found that there “was nothing revolutionary about the cell at all and
    that it was simply using conventional electrolysis.” The court found Meyer
    guilty of “gross and egregious fraud” and ordered him to repay the two
    investors their $25,000

  35. Yea just keep being an innocence theorist, his invention would have
    single-handedly made the oil industry, natural gas industry, coal, and
    nuclear power 100% obsolete. Collectively there are trillions of dollars at
    stake in those industries, from an investigative standpoint that is the
    biggest motive of all time to do anything to assassinate his character and
    his physical person. His water fuel cell wasnt just for cars it was for
    homes and factories. courts can easily fix rulings, you are sad.

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