New open source water fueled engine Max Millers proof Meyers technology works Making hho with Meyers circuitry hv hf http://www.youtu…

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  1. I am just not wasting my time with lazy people that do not wish to learn.
    So if someone wants to ague that this is not possible and refuses to do the
    work to obtain the knowledge then your comment will be removed. Please vote
    this up. 

  2. It’s been over 10 years since Meyer died. So where are these cars running
    on only water? Surely by now they should be all over the place. So where
    are they?

  3. How come his brother ILLEGALLY sued to prevent people from using his now
    defunct patents to try to recreate this. Can’t imagine what he has to hide.

  4. Can anyone tell me the resonant frequency of water please? I was told that
    everything in existence has a natural frequency, and as the tuning fork
    vibrates in tune/sympathy water molecules can be vibrated till bonds break
    (I assume), so can’t see why everyone says this CAN’T work, it is how the
    universe is designed. Vibration and Frequency are the Universe.

    A glass shatters with a singers voice/sound waves vibrating the glass till
    the bonds can’t contain the vibrations. I use a nebuliser to deliver meds
    into lungs, it is an ultrasonic design. It vibrates the water to turn water
    into a mist, surely it is just another level of volume/frequency to split
    the bonds, sure also with enough energy could split the atom controllably.
    I’m NOT a scientist, so don’t abuse me for pondering in public. I also
    think matter that goes into black hole appears as super elements starting
    off new dimensions/universe by bringing them into existence with a “Big
    Bang like event”, no real evidence for it, but makes as much sense as a
    singularity deciding to “Big Bang” and create everything.

  5. I eat the same amount that I shit, yet I continue to maintain weight. What
    am I?
    A perpetual fat arse!

  6. Was this the guy who died from food poisoning after a dinner at a

  7. I remember when the inventor’s murder – I mean death – made the news.
    *Stanley Meyer and his brother on how the water fuel injection system works*

  8. Does anyone know where Stan Meyers patent applications and drawings are
    located or is there a website that we can look it up on? Thanks for posting
    this Stan was the man. Peace be with you all… Because the opposite of it
    really is nothing you want to ever experience.

  9. To anyone read this before you act like you know what your talking about.
    A reply to someone.
    I have to say that I am very happy to see the direction that this
    conversation will go now. In regards to me seeming like I think everyone is
    stupid that doesn’t agree with me. It is nothing to do with agreeing with
    me. My issue is that people try to apply their own knowledge to this which
    makes it seem impossible. If you could try to understand how frustrating
    this is to encounter people like this all the time that just want to say
    it’s not possible with out doing the research. I have tried many method’s
    to attempt having people learn or even do the research but in every case
    they do not wish to learn. I would have to say you are the first that has
    actually come up with logical real and scientific questions. So Ty for
    that. Now let’s get to rest of the message.

    As for hv hf electrolysis it has been proven to work and really there are a
    few things that are special about it. First is that you can run it all day
    long and it does not heat up. This is proven by a few people I know. The
    other unique thing is that it doesn’t require a catalyst/electrolyte to
    allow for the electrolysis to happen. You can use tap water, distilled,
    rain, or as to quote Stan Meyer you can use any water. This has been proven
    and is also unique. The reason for this is that in Stan Meyer’s
    electrolysis it does not use the electrodes as a dead short like how
    regular electrolysis operates. It actually uses the water as a capacitor in
    the circuit. I have seen experiments that have used 100 v to 400 v and even
    some that use over 3 kv. In regular electrolysis it is dictated that you
    must use 2.2 v per plate separation and current must be elevated for
    desired amount of hydrogen production. But there have been many to prove
    that you do not need to keep the voltage that low.

    One thing I am not happy with all of the people that have preformed these
    hv hf electrolysis experiments is that they are not doing a full data
    analysis which will state the number that need to be calculated for
    efficency. Even though they have not done efficency tests so far Stan Meyer
    has been right with this electrolysis and to clearly point out if the water
    does not heat up then it must me more efficient.
    Now on the topic of efficency in regards to regular electrolysis. There are
    no variables shown in regards to efficiency and surface area. I have a big
    issue with this. I have talked to hundreds of people who have made
    electrolysis cells and it seems then larger the cell the less power is
    required to make the same volume of gas. This is one of the parts that is
    in my personal design that you mentioned that you read.

    As a further note on Stans buggy. It wasn’t just a hho cell that ran his
    engine. This is a common misconception because people for some reason do
    not want to dive deep in to his work they want to think that nope you can
    not run am engine on a hho cell (that’s what us researchers call
    electrolysis cells).

    Now for something that I have enjoyed learning about magnetic circuits. So
    you say they are nothing special and I would have to agree what they taught
    you about E and C and even single rods in ferrite and laminate steel were
    nothing special. This is the big problem I have with the scientific
    community and how it teaches it’s students. If you really want to learn
    from out interactions I will share what I know with you. But you must be
    willing to look in to the topics. So there is a local man where I live that
    designed a magnetic circuits that is slightly different from others. In a
    sense it doesn’t allow the back emf to escape from the core like
    conventional transformers are designed. When I first heard about how it
    reacts I didn’t believe it. Just like I don’t think you may. But with
    science it is never about absolutes it’s about testing “all” variables
    which is not a common practice in science. You can watch this man’s video
    about how the transformer preforms on my channel. His name is Thane Hein.
    He has shown other experiments. But if you want a good understanding of how
    these magnetic circuits preform then I suggest you look up on Google
    “chapter 3 magnetic circuits”. I have had a few back yard experimenters
    come to me and validate this man’s findings from similar experimentation.
    One man came to me and said he is lighting 2000 watts of halogens with only
    500 watts. For some reason the transformer design reduces the inductive
    load so it sort of also acts like a capacitor. That in it’s self says
    something is very different about how this and other designs you will see
    on that Google look up I suggested.

    I wasn’t intending to be condescending in regards to the perpetual motion.
    I just would like that word to be removed from physics. But from your
    response I am wondering if you got what I ment because then you make
    reference to perpetual motion again. My design will work in regards to
    running the engine and so will Stan Meyers design.

    Answering your questions
    1. So you said overunity with a controlled closed environment. That
    statement applies to perpetual motion not overunity. Over unity means that
    there is more then one on the other end when the energy comes out. So more
    out then in. Perpetual motion would only be achieved if you controlled the
    environment that the devices is sitting in so oxidation does not occur. We
    do also know as another reference to a magnet motor that in a few hundred
    years the magnet will lose its magnetism. So again the word perpetual
    motion cripples it’s inclusion of over unity.
    If you were to read everything in my write up even though I know it’s not
    perfect it does give the written details. I wanted to use fuel from water
    because it will be something to achieve but really what my design entails
    is an engine that does not waste heat energy. Fuel from water is also more
    efficient as well as it had highly ionized steam that comes out of the tail
    pipe that can also be transfered in to electrical every much like how a
    hydrogen fuel cell operates. It transfers the heat several ways in to
    electrical energy and at the same time it takes want ever would have been
    left over after it has been cooled by its heat extraction methods and pulls
    it right back in to the engine to be reused. I suggest you throughly read
    my written information.

    And as you requested, here are my questions:
    2. I have only done the calculations on numbers that I knew. I will provide
    more calculations once the experiment has actually been conducted. That
    requires over $45k that I don’t just have sitting in the bank.

    3. In regards to the frequency that’s where it gets a bit complicated. The
    choke needs to have the same resistance as the cell does when it’s filled
    with water. So the resonate frequency is not for just tuning to water. It’s
    more like tuning the choke and capacitor/hho cell in one. But it is really
    an unusual beast once your cell and choke are tuned to each other you can
    just continue to increase the frequency and the voltage continues to go up
    on its own. It does require a lot of research to understand it all.

    Also no problem I hope anything I wrote didn’t seem like I was being rude.
    I hope you can take a lot from the information I have shared with you so
    you may begin to start teaching your self as I have a few years ago.

    You wrote.
    Btw, blocking me will only show that it is you who doesn’t want to learn.
    In fact it would be what you are accusing the government of doing,
    preventing the information to get out there. Thats not something people do,
    who value freedom.

    In response to this. I have learned a great deal of information on my few
    years or research. The biggest most valuable thing I learned is to keep an
    open mind and learn what I can. As for me accusing the government for not
    allowing information to get out. Well its out my friend so I don’t know
    where that came from. Maybe it is in reference to how the government makes
    it so the first things you read about Stan Meyer is that he was a fraud.
    Take care
    Hope you hear from you soon.

    which now is all but about to start. God forgive us all for letting the
    murders of Stan, JFK by LBJ, and countless others go un checked.

  11. The tech that could have changed the world so they assassinated the man who
    perfected his design. The water powered combustion engine.

  12. All those thousands in investment money, and all he was doing is milling
    fake plastic parts, and mounting knobs, and switches in a box. I’ll bet the
    investors were glad he went the extra money for the fancy glass cover.

  13. thanks for getting this out; Stan is gone, but the world desperately needs
    his and your brilliance. 

  14. Amen !!! Jesus Is Not just Lord, But He Is The Lord God from Eternity !!!
    But why the sound is removed from 37.49 on ?
    Maybe because of any further secret informations, or just … ?
    Peace with you from Slovenia .

  15. Thanks for putting this up. I saw a news story from when he was alive and
    he showed this system in action. I hope someone can take this knowledge and
    finally get rid of the coal and fuel consumption on this planet.

  16. not a video for the layman. way over my head. will save and watch more
    stay well

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