renewable energy is one of the biggest problems we face and as i say where threes a problem there a conspiracy theory.

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  1. ha you’re missing so many points. If the energy was FREE to produce the
    companies couldn’t charge as much for it. Also you wouldn’t need fossil
    fuels, so the oil/gas companies wouldn’t be able keep their control over
    the energy.

    With oil you are purchasing the oil itself, the service they provide, and
    paying for the overheads, where as with free energy you would solely be
    paying for the service and over heads. Also the service they provide would
    be less and the overheads would be less This means the oil companies would
    lose billions in the revenue from the oil and service they provide.

    Even if one oil company made a lot in the short term from free energy, as
    soon as the patent expires any company could do it.
    So many pensions, governments, share holders rely on the money from the oil
    companies they can’t afford to drop profits. What would happen to all the
    oil rich countries???

    It’s similar to Planned obsolescence which is common place. By the way I’m
    no conspiracy theorist and I’m not sure if free energy exists. I’m just
    stating that if an oil company came out saying they could make energy it
    wouldn’t be a good thing for their profits and they wouldn’t come out with
    it until the oil runs dry. You shouldn’t think that big companies don’t get
    together to make sure inventions that could limit their profits don’t get
    out. Search Phoebus cartel for an example of this.

  2. you do know wind turbines make a lot of noise right there not a quiet as
    you think, on the page i link it explains why, for example if its going to
    be attached to your house you have to prove that your house can take the
    strain that it puts on your house and that you can have foundation deep
    enough to take the strain if it is free standing there is a lot of
    potential damage it could case

  3. Can you point me to the direction of a governmental body that is interested
    in sustainable energy methods and implementation, ill chat with them.

  4. Man i cant believe how dumb this guy us theres no profit from free energy
    thats why the energy companies dont want this technology to become available

  5. in the uk we can have solar panels on the roof no problem i just have to
    pay for them the government will even give me money towards doing it

  6. we do use them but we do not have the magic bullet that we can just cure it
    with one drug if it did exsist we would use it

  7. its not a question of materials it all comes back to physics have you ever
    sean a newtons cradle if we use your take on it the balls should never stop
    swinging, in reality the balls will eventually come to a stop dew to loss
    of energy. and this is the problem it takes more energy to keep the
    generator running then it will ever produce making horrible inefficient and
    unable to work

  8. On the conterary it’s you who don’t understand how companies work in
    relation to costumers. Companies rely on one thing that is that there are
    few people supplying their services. The best situation for a company is to
    have a monopoly in a thing. The thing with using for example water for
    energy is that you will put freon exoport in dagner – Don’t you understand

  9. i think you missed the point of perpetual motion machines of the second
    kind are impossible. plus all that jazz would embrace such a device if it
    existed it would literally solve the energy problems of every country in
    the would over night

  10. The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated
    system never decreases, because isolated systems spontaneously evolve
    towards thermodynamic equilibrium—the state of maximum entropy.
    Equivalently, perpetual motion machines of the second kind are impossible.

  11. “how is it not good for them” - Istn’t that obvious why it’s not good for
    the freon cooporations? They will be jepordized because others have more
    simple and cheap ways of applying liquid for their cooler. 1000’s of jobs
    would be lost in the chemical companies.

  12. the you do not understand that a company will all ways go for the cheapest
    option for a product to maximize their profit when a new electronic device
    comes out is all was gets cheeper as that find new ways to manufacturer it

  13. ok you have a free energy plant how do you pay the workers to keep it
    running and for the regular maintenance it will need as well as buying new
    parts for it as well as ell as all the other costs ?

  14. Well that’s the main problem of the machine, it works and produces energy
    for no cost, other than the wear and tear. The main thing I wonder about is
    what materials are out their that are close to friction-less but is hard to
    damage and has strong structural integrity? I’m no engineer or chemist so
    i’m not an expert of material properties (that’s why I haven’t done it yet,
    the design of the function isn’t hard, the compensation to make it more
    efficient is), but that comes down to materials.

  15. The main thing i’m concerned with is what would happen to the oil market
    and hence currency and the reserve dollar (i’m not a great market analyst)?
    It has something to do with conservation of energy.

  16. so what do we do instead?? blitz people with radiation?!! really
    constructive thinking there… what you have do understand is that whoever
    controls the liberty tokens or as we call them money controls what we
    perceive, what we eat (to an extent) what we use to ail our disease and
    these people do not care about us infact they are trying as hard as they
    can to kill us off.. if you would like to search bill gate depopulation
    this might be of significant insight to you

  17. I would challenge you to put up a windmill. Ask your neighbours if they
    will be bothered with it and try it yourself. I promise you that the police
    and autorities will ask you to take it down because the big companies have
    lobbied for laws to restrict it.

  18. I could make a self propelling generator to power a house and all it would
    need is maintenance of the moving parts, its some basic circuitry and an
    investment in some metal. You call yourself a journalist? Disgrace but now
    a days most Journos are. If you think i’m lying all id need is about $2mil
    for every 100k homes to stop using non renewable’s, but hey if were not
    doing it, we don’t have it cause my physics teacher told me, you wish you
    understood physics, engineering or society at all. Fool

  19. the UK gov will give you money toward helping you set it up the only
    obstacle is your neighbours can object to it and stop you and if they do
    then there is nothing you can do about it

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