Andy of Andology is back on the show and he does a fantastic job of explaining money, from where it comes from to how the banks literally make it out of thin…

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  1. There are many more HAARP facility’s than we will ever know of
    So if they try to start their own monetary system well
    As the comedian Russell peters says “somebody gonna get hurt real bad ” 

  2. Andology – what do you think about the Swiss Gold referendum, do you think
    it could be a game changer if the vote by the Swiss is YES we want our gold
    back. They also want to go back to a gold standard. Surely this could be
    huge if the vote is allowed to be true by the govt. and the house of cards
    could fall? I bet Stooshie doesn’t want you to talk about that. lol

  3. they own your ass from the day your born your cattle jorden maixwell you
    tube your a corperasion and when you die you become a corps ? for
    every once of gold they have they sale 100 gold certs for that one once of
    gold that is frowed

  4. @ harry ohara
    You believe that fat queer double-speaking Zionist shill Jordan Maxwell?!

  5. A your forgetting the most important thing here
    Just as war means big bucks being made so does say a(NATURAL)disaster.

    Lets say a country well lets say usa owes JAPAN interest on the dept they
    hold for them and lets say the interest payment is well over due if there
    was say a devastating earth quake and then lets say usa then offer to go in
    and help rebuild (contracts)even though the Japanese president said no
    thanks cause he knew dam well what was up …
    HAARP is a weapon Indonesia was a test japan was proof it would work.

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