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Why do people ask questions like, “If you could buy a car that ran on water”?

Question by linlyons: Why do people ask questions like, “If you could buy a car that ran on water”?
Reason says it won’t work. If it did, why wouldn’t China be making millions of such cars?
They don’t have to worry about US patents.
They pay for, and burn more oil than the US today.

http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/alternative-fuel/gas-mileage/4276846 < == Popular Mechanics tested it and said it doesn't work. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Meyer <== There was a court case that said it didn't work. Are these the same group of folks who complain about chemtrails in the sky? Pretty ordinary physics says that you cannot get more energy out of a system than you put in. But these folks claim that they improve their gas mileage 10-20-30% What's going on? And, of course, they get all uppity when you point out how wrong they are. I have noticed that some of 'em sell plans. seems to be the going rate. It's pretty sad that there are people who so desperately want to save a buck that they fall for this kind of nonsense. There are a couple things that i might add. First, consider a fuel cell: A fuel cell releases electrical energy by allowing hydrogen and oxygen to combine. This is exactly the reverse of using electrolysis to disassociate hydrogen and oxygen. And it releases energy. If it really took less energy to disassociate water than it produced, ALL of our power plants would have a closed circuit that disassociated water, then used a fuel cell to recombine them, and release the extra electricity to the grid. There would be no need to pay all that money to buy coal, oil, or natural gas. The same is true of a car. If the process truly worked, there would be a closed system that didn't involve a motor. It would be in all of the electric cars, and we'd never have to plug it in, or get gasoline. The reason that's not done is that it's easier to confuse some folks when it's combined with a gas engine. What that does is introduce external power that's difficult to separate. There is one interesting answer. <>

I honestly hadn’t though of that. However, in essence, it’s dynamic breaking that stores hydrogen to use in the fuel cell, rather than storing electricity in the battery, as the Prius does.

The problem with the system is that one first has to decide that fuel cells are an appropriate technology to use to power cars. I do know of the discussion, but thus far, have not seen an indication that they are as efficient as battery driven vehicles. Keep in mind that, just like a battery hydrogen is an energy storage medium. There isn’t any free hydrogen here on earth. You have to create it. Just like you create the electricity that charges a battery.

It is an interesting concept though.

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Answer by Santu Khadka
no car is raning a road

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