A Letter to President Barack Obama from a Well Completion Services Technician

from user www.youtube.com BP will have 3 profitable wells sucking oil out of the motherlode in September and pay the billion easy. The Gulf is being destroyed for money, profit, shareholders, markets, swindlers …….. The root of ALL evil is the love of money.

7 thoughts on “A Letter to President Barack Obama from a Well Completion Services Technician

  1. I’ve created a playlist of the videos I could find about the damaged casing.

  2. One of the references is here: watch?v=iLf2y_lJGxo
    Look through the favorites on my channel and see the others. Several people have speculated about the integrity of the pipe. If you need more, let me know– I’ll find them for you.

  3. The reason why they cannot completely shut off the oil is because the pipe is damaged somewhere deep in the ground. If the pressure increased on that damaged pipe, it could begin eating away at the methane underlying the sea floor, and cause a major calamity. THEY CAN’T CLOSE IT OFF. The only way to resolve this is to get a relief well far enough underneath the area of possible damage.

  4. on the right side is the correct way to repair the well. There was never an attempt to use a BOP on top like the correct diagram and cap the well properly. Remember the first containment dome? The Correct BOP method was disregarded right away. They could have cut the pipe and put a CORRECTLY SIZED (24″ to 24″) no hub exterior coupler over the cut piece connected to a working BOP and solved the problem. hydraulic or bolted. Put an open valve over it, then close the valve after bolted

  5. I paused it when you said to an noticed…nothing.. I mean nothing at all. WTF is all that?

  6. I have to head out for a short while but I will be back and send you information that I sent already weeks ago almost exactly what you are saying.Yea its WTF.

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