Kevin Pereira’s special report on the devastating BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues with his look at the oil’s impact on the fragile wildlife. He …
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  1. If bp is still on ill go rage a stwp in the bosses face myself when i get
    the chance

  2. 4 years later, still such a mess! My friend Colleen is at the Gulf now,
    talking to people & helping them with their paperwork. Still no money from

  3. Read Colleen’s story at Gofundme, look for Gulfdevastationhelp. I couldn’t
    post the link here…

  4. Shell’s heading into the Arctic right now (Chukchi Sea off NW Alaska). They
    haven’t exactly finished the safety stuff, but they’re in a hurry to do
    preliminary drilling before the freeze. In other news, another new record
    low for Arctic sea ice this year, by a lot.

  5. If that happened how will you power anything? If all the oil companies went
    bust you wouldn’t be able to post on youtube, your computer wouldn’t work
    and the plastic and majority of 90% of the parts wouldn’t be able to have
    been made. Did you know this oil spill wasn’t BP’s fault? Did you also know
    that this oil spill was caused by America’s high demand on oil causing Oil
    companies to dig in unstable and more risky environments? You guys invited
    BP to drill there to begin with.

  6. Oil company’s are like a disgusting bacteria that infects this world, i
    would love to see EVERY oil company go up in flames and the people who make
    billions from it drowned in their own oil while lit on fire.

  7. Yeah man! FUCK the wild life! Its not like animals are dependent on each
    other to survive or anything! FUCK ‘EM!

  8. @PeanutKai British Petroleum is headquartered in London and is a British
    Company that originated in Britain in 1909 and operates worldwide by
    various different names such as Aral, Gulf, ARCO and ampm as well as the
    original BP petrol (gas) stations in the UK and USA, which could make it
    seem as if BP is an American Company. Obama didn’t say BP was American

  9. @GAMESHARK2K7 If you buy drugs or drive a car, it’s likely you’re
    supporting Un ion Carbide – responsible for Bopal. Check Google out for
    pictures of it – it’ll sicken you to your stomach. It makes this what it is
    – NOTHING.

  10. Bp said they weren’t hiding anything from people. If you ask the bp
    employees about it however, they will say nothing. No comment. No words. We
    arrest people for small offenses for long periods of time. Bp isn’t
    responsible for their actions? They can escape criminal charges? We must
    put the corporate money hungry people in their places. Its just a big game
    of monopoly to them. And our patience is running thin.

  11. @jamwithmates123 Did America apologize for Bopal ? No. It wasn’t Americas
    fault. It was atrocious American management, certainly. In this case, it
    was a 3rd party doing a job for BP that fked up, and BP got the blame.

  12. Yeah, but it was America’s greed and absurdly high consumption rate of oil
    that indirectly contributed to the disaster.

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