BBC Horizon reveals the untold story of the 87-day battle to kill the Deepwater Horizon oil blowout a mile beneath the waves – a crisis that became America’s…
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  1. once again human arrigence and greed takes the cake. don’t drill unless you
    know the thing you are going to face and have testable plans to solve a
    solution, and certainly don’t pump the media full of spin when it’s a lie.
    the dispersant was more pr than environmental problem solving, that oil is
    still in the water. sooner the world gets over this obsession with oil the

  2. You have some of the best scientists in the world and the best thing you
    can come up with is pumping dog toys in to the well 

  3. No mention of the two relief wells that were drilled, which were crucial to
    the effort. And no, the stack wasn’t the end of this well. The old BOP
    was actually removed, and a new one placed on it, and they pumped cement
    into the new BOP and the relief well before closing anything up. Way to
    screw up the end, BBC.

  4. Overall, an informative, well produced documentary. I did get a snicker
    out of the ROV weighing ‘63,000 tons’! How did they get it onsite? Nice
    to see some of the personalities behind the scenes.

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