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  1. The BP company (the fourth wealthiest corporation in the world, turns out) has repeatedly stated through its current president that they are “responsible” and will “pay any ‘legitimate’ claims” for damages. The use of the word “legitimate” gives one cause for concern, in my opinion, and inspires me to agree with former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton that BP should be placed into temporary receivership by the U.S. government to make sure that every single dollar of cost is paid by this greed-driven and perhaps corrupt (at least in collusion with the GOP and MMS from 2001 through 2008) enterprise. Also of concern, in terms of determining the company’s true intentions, is the spectacle deliberately staged for TV cameras during President Obama’s second visit, where BP hired hundreds of workers about two hours before the event; issued them each brightly colored paper hazard garments to wear; told them not to talk to ANYONE, especially any reporters; and then told them all to “stand down” (quit working) as soon as the presidential motorcade was out of sight. A close eye has to be kept on these dollar-driven greedy-guts or they will try to fudge results and skip out on the clean-up and repair of our ecological systems—based on their history and their patterns thus far.

    The website whitehouse.gov/Deepwater-BP-Oil-Spill gives a chronological report on all actions taken and on ongoing efforts.

  2. The USA needs BP as much as many other places do, they will be compensation, but don’t expect enough to cripple BP.

    If you want something to panic about think of all of the pipes in all of the gulf owned by many different oil companies, none of which can be turned off if there is a problem. A problem such as a shift in the tektonic plates (expected any time) which may well break many pipes all of which are as unaccessible as theose leaking at the moment.

    But ask americans to pay a proper price for their Gas so that valve systems can be developed to work at those water depths, so problem sections can be switched off, or the pipes can be routed more safely. Let us say 5p a litre increase, do you really think that americans will accept that? I don’t, I think that most would say to “leave it leaking your not getting any of my money”.

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