Is Obama one of them there Neo-Cons?

Question by Cause For Alarm: Is Obama one of them there Neo-Cons?
In between feeling bitter and reading my bible, a single thought actually crossed my mind. I thought about my shotgun, but then I thought about Obama and his plans to pull our troops out of Iraq. That place is some mess. It’s like ma’s dinner table after supper. The Sunnis hate the Shiites and vice versa, and the Kurds are just up there in the north hanging out like a flea on a dog. If we leave, the Turks will go in there and kill them Kurds, and the Sunnis and Shiites will be at each other’s throats like white on rice. The Iranians will come in to protect the Shiites, and them there Saudis and Egyptians will come in to protect the Sunnis. It will be chaos and all out war on top of the biggest oil reserve in the world. I know Barack ain’t stupid. He must have a plan to bomb the Iranians and if necessary the Saudis before he pulls troops out. He’s gonna make Bush look like the Little Miss Dairy Princess. It seems like the only way he gonna pull troops out, and I know Barack don’t lie.
That’s a nice picture Automation Wizard. You look like you have something up your butt.

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Answer by Griz
Actually, Barack has already mentioned that Iran & Syria are “dangerous threats”

He might very well go after them

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9 thoughts on “Is Obama one of them there Neo-Cons?

  1. Neo progressive.

    Neoprogressive interventionism does have the military componant but focuses more on foreign aid. US taxpayers would continue to foot the bill with money leaving our economy entirely, however. Both neoprogressives and neoconservatives would erode our individual rights turning all power over to corporate and collectivist organizations big enough to influence policy in international organizations. Hence agreements like NAFTA which reserve all benefits of such trade to multinational special interests, with dispute resolution in international forums where individuals and small businesses of all countries are as a practical matter excluded from impacting policy.

    Look at Obama’s pdf of his ‘Iraq’ plan attached to his web page. Our troops aren’t leaving the region under his plan.

  2. It is kind of funny for an Obama supporter thinking he is cute by making up a post like this.

    You are fine example of what is going to make Obama to lose in Nov with your kind of thinking.

  3. “I know Barrack ain’t stupid”

    I wish I could say the same…

    “and I know Barrack don’t lie.” that too…

    No, I don’t think he is a neo-con. I think he is a Carter Democrat.

  4. Yes on Neo – Cons

    No Obama has said our troops will be there till at least 2013 so don’t look for them to come home anytime soon.

    He will move them to Afghanistan and Pakistan and this war will just continue till 2013 that way Obama has a second chance to be reelected as President in 2012.

    Obama is a lair and I put no faith in anything he says.

    I was supporting Clinton but now I must vote for the man who really cares about America..
    Who hasn’t spent 20 years in Rev Wrights church listen to Rev Wright spew his hatred for America and his whole congregation shouting and clapping in support of him including Obama and his wife Michelle.

    The 44th President of the USA President McCain.

    McCain 08

  5. To me Obama’s as bad as McCain in his own way. He preaches “change.” But the type of changes he has in mind are not changes that I consider good ones.
    Plus he has already said that he wants to bomb Pakistan as well.
    Also, the type of “changes” he has proposed will cost

    So I will be voting for Ron Paul. Because he is the only one running for president who will bring our soldiers home, and CUT taxes down to a minimum.
    He even advocates ABOLISHING the IRS! As well as RESTORING all our freedoms taken by past administrations, both GOP and Dem.
    It was Democrats who implemented the New World Order agendas [Wilson in WW I and FDR in WW II] by doing things like creating the Geneva Convention and the United Nations.

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