Judge Napolitano on BP Oil Spill & Obama Pt 1/3

6/16/10: Judge Napolitano on BP Oil Spill & Obama. BP (British Petroleum) Apocalypse Oil Volcano www.apfn.org
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Coincidence? I don’t think so…. We have an oil spill that is being treated with a toxic agent Corexit…. This agent is able to be absorbed by the air… go to Nalco’s website and look at Corexit’s MSDS sheet to confirm. This catastrophy is getting worse and worse by the day….
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42 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano on BP Oil Spill & Obama Pt 1/3

  1. Niether the Republicans would do the right thing. So what to do now? WHAT? We can sit here till we die. Time for revolution has come. I think it is a matter of time for people to get desperate enough to do something crazy.

  2. @LibertyTreeBud – And you still stand by your previous statement that the cost of CLEAN UP will be trillions!? You should admit your lack of logic there, as I fully doubt that even cleaning every drop could not cost ‘Trillions’ as you say. Do a little research before buying the propaganda.

  3. @LibertyTreeBud – You’re right, get out of the way, or die. That is the slogan of the Obama administration when it comes to passing legislation. This is all about passing cap and trade, and I hope that you’re not delusional enough to dispute this! BP, because of its investments in Green Energy, stands to gain from Cap and Trade. Also, it has sights all over the world for continuing oil exploration, so this is a gamble for BP to double their income!

  4. wow this judge nappy is completely mad. exxon paid hardly 1/5th of what it was supposed to pay a decade later. man what raving lunatics.

  5. @Slipknotyk06 Yeah, well this oil volcano is different. I don’t expect the trillions to be spent on the cleanup or the health repair or the cost of moving people out from the dead zones or helping to settle anybody. That is because they/we are screwed. Time will reveal all, if we’re still breathin’ or care. I know the government is has big plans with their buds, the oil industry. Get out of the way, or die.

  6. I love how it is the feds fault and nothing to do with the companies that created the problem. Just ignore that they didn’t build it corectly, cheaped out on building it and safty, and dragged ass on clean up.

  7. @Slipknotyk06 Not sure why you are so big on defending a company that works gove-in-hand with an oligarchy. In order, shareholders much be wary of their investment choices and bear the consequences of bad choice, period.
    BP owners have the same moral choices as any other individual and are not forced to eke out a subsistence livelihood by slavemasters.
    3. BP’s record of carelessness is well recorded. If you are not a paid BP apologist, do a little research before being so adamant.

  8. @leafwatch – First, the shareholders aren’t responsible, period. That’s bordering on sociopathic.
    Second, BP had no choice in whether or not they followed those marching orders, either they drill at 5,000 ft, or they don’t drill and lose hundreds of millions.
    Third, this was no careless entity. This was a company that had drilled well over 1.000 successful wells around the world. It has a safety record that, even after this disaster, is hard to match IN ANY INDUSTRY.

  9. @LibertyTreeBud – Wow, you are delusional. If this cleanup will cost trillions, what was the cost of cleanup for the Iztoc-1 rig in the Bay of Campeche in 1981? It would be on the order of hundreds of billions. It was double the size of this spill. How many died in that spill? Do you even know the story of the Iztoc-1?
    Do a little research before buying the Green propaganda. By the way, there are 50,000 American wells in the gulf. This is the first to blow, yielding a success rate of 99.998%.

  10. Thanks for posting…important discussion on legal ramifications and why this could be a threat for future companies as Obama steps in as judge and jury.

  11. BP played a bold game at our expense. The government plays games with it’s buddy-boys in the oil industry and it is all so cozy for them. They are fucked. The cost of this cleanup will be in the Trillions. The people breathing in the stuff, they won’t report, are already the walking dead. The owners/operators of BP should be escorted to the shore where they would remain until last payment is made to the populations that will have to move away, get medical help or any kind of help.

  12. The Judge is wayyyy better than beck and he dosen’t mislead like beck!


  13. What was Dick Cheneys secret meetings with the energy companies about and why can’t the American people see that info? It’s a con. The top official for Goldman Sachs was a top official for BP. It’s a continuation of the World Bankers crashing the US from within

  14. Well, when he is out of office in 2012 he can hide by changing his name back to the name he was given when he was born in Kenya. Barry Soetoro. I think that any american citizen could do a better job than this non-US-citizen.

  15. There are no innocent actors in this case. The government is the biggest looter of all, but BP went along with government dictates and drilled without concern for risk and damage, assuming it had an iron-clad limit on its liability. The investors also are responsible for doing due diligence and the moral ramifications of giving money to a careless entity following even more irresponsible government marching orders.

  16. “Mystery”, “nobody seems to be able to explain”..”scratching their heads”…what a bunch of morons….what it is is all over youtube.

  17. I will never understand why the media puts question marks on these topics. OF COURSE IT’S COREXIT YOU FILTHY FUCKING INSECTS.

  18. As if the chemtrail fallout werent bad enough,now corexit rain..Makes me wanna vomit with disgust

  19. @Cytacon it is not. But its the only way 2 counter the “natural” Population reduction which is impending due to Peak Oil theory! I don’t get it why no1 connects the dots properly. They are just doing, what nature would have done in a less subtle way. Killing half of the World Population. Peak oil theory explains all of these:
    9/11 and the Wars after that
    Patriot Act
    Reason for BP to dig there
    Homeland security
    Martial Law
    abolishment of free speech

  20. I have 2 Palmtrees from the same motherplant… I had one on the balcony and 1 inside. The one I had outside, has the same spots, and is dying, the other1 is flurishing.
    Now, I live in Germany, so I doubt, that this is connected to the Oil-spill. Or if it is, then we are facing much worse then expected.

  21. they say corexit is very safe, but when it is combined with oil in sea water how safe does it become then? HELLO, how safe is it then? And when it is ingested by sea life how safe is it then?? And when it evaporates and rains down on us, how safe is it then? And after it enters the food chain how safe is it then? HELLO!

    They say its better to use than not… what exactly does that mean?
    Can’t BP just stop drilling carelessly? Isnt that a much better solution?

    Jesus is Lord of all.

  22. Same vegetation problem in MO. See my video “Holy Vegetation” by clicking on my name. I have noticed twitching of my upper lip, an oily face, numbness, dead butterfly type insects where they are perfectly in tact, like they breathed something in & lung cancer in two friends. I think yes it is Corexit but I do think it could be a cover for bio-warfare too because I noticed that this seems to occur only in certain places in MO and not everywhere & they don’t like me cause I teach others to heal.

  23. @mrjustin5 we have the same thing in indiana after it just rained last nite not this bad but its here

  24. Google “WREG Mystery Crop Damage Threatens Hundreds Of Acres” – then look up comments under article (after reading it too!) – many comments reflect on a recent (jun 1?) Dupont plant vapor leak about the same time.

  25. Odds are it is Corexit spreading. BP is using this to make them look better at the cost of the environment. 25 PPM of Corexit is able to kill life in the sea, recent water tests shows that their is not 25 PPM but 150 times that of Corexit found in the water.
    Enough to kill life easily.

  26. SOURCE: @ watch?v=TMkXA6kqNsw

    Everyone needs to see “The Video BP & Big Oil Don’t Want You to See” !!!

    One of the most important videos you will ever see. Our planet depends on our response to this crisis! Please watch this great video and pass it on. I’m so glad I came across it!

  27. I wouldn’t stay one second after seeing that. I would take as many loved ones as possible and move far, far away.

  28. we can thank cheney,palin,burton, and the g.o.b.p. for turning drill baby drill, into kill baby kill.

  29. Take some time to appreciate the unfathomable cruelty of this pattern. You may be grievously harmed and even permanently damaged by the actions of those who hold unanswerable power.

    Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.F.A. Hayek

    It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution

  30. @Cytacon well im not going to go swim in the oil. come on man i have some fucking common sense.

  31. @jamesdouglastx You are a terminal fool and that is exactly the reason why I hope you get every vaccine available. Do us all a favour and get all your shots man. Put your trust in a corporation believe them when they tell you that the shit they inject into your arm is good for you. Go swim in the oil you fucking moron, government says that is ok.

  32. People are breathing that shit, that shit is in the food chain. In the next few years folks will start dropping like flies from cancers and a myriad of other illnesses. Just like the 9/11 first responders who were given paper masks and told that there was nothing toxic at ground zero. Most of them are dead or disabled today. They are killing you off slowly folks, and that is no fucking accident.

  33. Everything is fine folks, go back to watching the world cup. New seasons of American Idol and Survivor is coming soon. Hey, How about that new Miley Cyrus album??

  34. @mrjustin5 In the grand scheme of things I think it’s the perfect storm of events. They won’t stop at this… the economy itself is collapsing and the internet “kill switch” was approved by committee. THey are setting this up for the “grand finale”. All I can say is that if you haven’t prepared, do so in haste. Time is extremely short… Days to months until SHTF not years!

  35. I’m not sure if something this far inland could kill birds and is connected to the oil spill. If you ask me the oil spill is a perfect cover for chemtrail bio/chem-warfare. Strange mildew? Dead spots? Sounds like something sprayed… something that fell from the sky and clumped together in dew droplets killing the plants and birds. Again, I think the oil-spill is just a cover story for something the sick and twisted government is experimenting with.

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