NASA Kennedy Obama Connection to 2012 – Richard C. Hoagland Part 10 of 14

Including, finally – Who Really Killed Kennedy…and Why? A presentation by Richard C. Hoagland at the Secrets Conference. On November 8, 2009, the SyFy television network (in association with NBC News) broadcast a major two-hour television Special, following the Hyperdimensional research currently being conducted by Richard C. Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission into “the Physics Behind 2012.” The research is exploring “potential catastrophic events” that Earth might encounter in 2012 … specifically, because of Hyperdimensional Physics; Hoagland was both a key participant, as well as a Consulting Producer, for the “2012” SyFy Special. On November 21 — Special to the Secrets Conference — Hoagland presented “the rest of the 2012 story ….” Extraordinary new information, not broadcast in the show — including, new images from NASA’s just-completed, baffling, “LCROSS unmanned lunar mission” — verifying his startling research discovery of a fundamental link — between NASA … John Kennedy— And “2012!” Leading to the crucial question: what does President Barack Obama know? Hoagland’s startling presentation also includes explicit, first-time, official government documentation — discovered by Hoagland this past summer — revealing exactly “who” ultimately ordered President Kennedy killed … and “why.”

13 thoughts on “NASA Kennedy Obama Connection to 2012 – Richard C. Hoagland Part 10 of 14

  1. NASA is actually a acronym//abbreviation for NASHA or NAZHA, that is the “Chosen Prince” or “THE MESSIAH”

    NASA = The Messiah ( Alexander Helios and his twin sister Clepatra Selene II )

  2. NASA= Never A Straight Answer, or, Need Another Seven Astronauts, or, Not Another Satellite Available, or, No Assholes Saved Alive, or, Never Admit Strategic
    Anomaly’s, or, Nasty Assholes Sucking America.

  3. @ike61350 I second that. I freed myself from the restriction of money by smoking loads of pot, actually.
    It made me enjoy nature and all the little quantum miracles that surrounds us all the time. Sure I need money for rent and food, but I don’t own a car, I don’t own a flatscreen, and I’ll keep my current cellphone ’til its totally demolished.
    Statussymbols are childish diversions, nature is the way.

  4. @Thesortvokter you are never going to see harmony until the restriction of money goes into effect. The people still depending on the illusion of money are doomed and forever are stuck in an illusion that puts materialism in front of spirituality. I literally put the mentality of mankind in the same state as that of a monkey. It completely boggles my mind how you humans let the illusion of money control you all. The second that you all drop this illusion is the day that you attain freedom.

  5. “Mind Blowing Stuff”. Such as time – clocks speeding up?
    Tell you what I want to know. Since I paid taxes, where is my Willie Wonka ticket to a bunker.

  6. @XLuminariumX Totally agree with you. What about everyone else?
    This bugs me about both christian apocalyptica and new age maya catastrophy worship. Why isn’t there a solution that rescues everybody, and restores harmony on earth without the great cataclysms that we’re scared with?
    I’m glad you bring this up, because one rarely see it expressed by those who follow the earth changes.
    Have you seen the mess. conveyed in the ” DO YOU WISH WE SHOULD SHOW UP “-letter?
    It’s on the net and YouTube

  7. @wezatch Hes saying some will be “saved” from 2012. What about everyone else?

  8. I Could Cry… Starting With That Imperical Pyramid Data, And This Other Comment Is Perfect Also (numismatic2012) .. Wow If You Didn’t Wow Keep Watching.

  9. I think this is one of the best you tube theory’s that I have seen I am saying that I do believe him because he has come with a lot of proof as to why this happened.
    I give this video a ten!

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