Obama Discouraging Latino Voters

Latino activist and Presente.org Co-founder Roberto Lovato is arguing that president Obama has been a huge disappointment for Latino voters on issues like immigration, citizenship and deportation and he wants to help change that. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains. presente.org The Largest Online News Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Support TYT for FREE: bit.ly
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25 thoughts on “Obama Discouraging Latino Voters

  1. Why in the world would latinos even consider voting for the same liberal socialist government that they escaped from? latinos fled their oppressive liberal socialist governments that kept them poor and without opportunities and come to the USA for the american dream so why would they vote for obama and his liberal socialist ideology? that would defeat the purpose of leaving their old countries.

  2. Look at the cities that have been governed by liberal socialists/democrats for decades not years but decades and tell me if liberal socialism works. Detroit, milwaukee, miami, cleveland, cincinnati, philadelphia, LA, DC, houston, chicago all governed by liberals/democrats for decades. If liberal socialism was so great why are these cities the worst in the USA? highest crime rates, high welfare, high unemployment, high crime, but the people keep voting for their entitlements.

  3. Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter. They both work for the money that runs this country and the money cares nothing about you. They steal, rob, kill, torture, arrest, murder, rape the Black and Brown people of this world everyday. Black and Brown people Unite. You are Gods people. You are part of the 12 Tribes of Israel, the Israelites for truth about who you are visit beyondboundariessite

  4. People who vote only for party names, should not even vote, or anything else irrelevant.

  5. You can be deported if you haven’t done something illegal. All immigrants here right now that don’t have the paperwork have already broken the law. With all of that said they will still try to get it illegals vote Democrat

  6. Los republicanos representan los valores latinos. Los demócratas tratan de asustar a una y otra vez, que nos dice que otros estadounidenses están en contra de nosotros. Ellos usan este espacio para conseguir nuestros votos en las elecciones y dejar a nuestras comunidades a descomponerse. Obama y su partido han roto sus promesas a la comunidad latina. Vamos a votar por los republicanos con sus políticas probadas para hacer crecer la economía y que elevará los latinoamericanos.

  7. … You guys really gotta drop the teleprompter thing, it’s getting embarrassing already.

    Obama’s a corporate tool, that’s his problem, he’s corrupt. Who gives a fuck about what the teleprompter says when there’s 1000+ things wrong with US agricultural policy alone?!

    How Cenk is an ignorant leftist puppet is beyond me, puppet to whom? Stop living in your bubble & join reality mate…

  8. I like how Ron Paul doesn’t participate in class warfare. What’s good for America is good for blacks.
    “Thy BlackMan.com” compares Cain to Paul and chooses Paul!
    Google “Ron Paul & Herman Cain’s Different Philosophies” by Staff
    Re: Israel, Google “Are Evangelical Christians Warmongers” by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

    Ron Paul re: Hispanics – great interview /watch?v=oHiKRVm7ziA

  9. Both parties have the same agenda.
    The Latino vote will punish both of them because we are not voting. I don’t waste my time voting for fake politics!

  10. *sigh* i’m not angry, i’m not right – wing …. really? that’s all you’ve got?

  11. Well your obviously an angry Rightwing American, I feel sorry for you…

  12. that was never the discussion moron, and as a historian you either got it from mexico or are a big fat liar. you stated mexican people lived there and we “took” it from them. The war was never against “mexico”, it was against the spanish crown.

    Get your lies straight or admit you’re a charlatan and know nothing about history. HIstorian… really? Sell that to FEMA.

  13. I am a historian and the US did take much of that land from Mexico by war. End of story.

  14. that’s exactly my point, you’re wrong. I don’t judge you badly for it, because they probably don’t teach history as factual documents, instead of more of an indoctrination ceremony in schools. White and Black people were already in those areas, BEFORE the agreement between the spanish crown and the US governement to take it over. There were no mass mexicans living in the area that we “kicked out”.

  15. Dude relax, I was making a point about how the Border crossed OVER the Mexicans, not the Mexicans crossing the border. And many of the Natives interbred with Mexicans in Meso-America.

    Of COURSE the Natives were there first, but my point is that Latinos were there before Whites.

  16. actually i know history. apparently you do not. The lands belonged to the native americans. The SPANISH CROWN declared the land west of the louisiana purchase to be his. No, it did not belong to “mexicans”. It was a game of European royal vs European royal. So take that, it belonged to Mexico BS back with the illegals.

  17. The Centre is not ignorant, the right just presume to have knowledge…

  18. As soon as the Latinos get rid of that EVIL atrocious terror that is Catholicism they will be American Democracy’s Ace in the Hole…

  19. Democrats are completely unaware what illegal immigration is doing to this country. For every illegal, that works under the table, and receives terrible wages:
    1. an american worker is out of a job
    2. no taxes are paid
    3. because he settles for a lesser wage, employers are now used to paying lower wages, which depresses wages across the board.
    4. most of the 15% unemployment today is in low paying jobs, i.e. jobs the illegals are taking.

    Many states are trying to deport them. MANY.

  20. You said: “why should we be ok with illegal immigration just because it gets Obama more votes?”

    I was wondering how us “being ok” with illegal immigration gets Obama more votes?

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