Obama Tours Oil Disaster

President Obama traveled to coastal Louisiana along the Gulf of Mexico where he witnessed first hand the devastation of the worst oil spill in U.S. history. …
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“In October, the Washington Post’s Greg Miller reported that the administration was instituting a “disposition matrix” to determine how terrorism suspects wi…

45 thoughts on “Obama Tours Oil Disaster

  1. -oh&of course b.p doesnt have any investments or money in the u.s?wisen up pal!

  2. I am not an Americans. but I am really astonished, and angry @ the stupidity of those people in the interview. It’s like they try to blame this disaster on their president and the people who are trying to help them. Do they realize nobody wants this to happen or to get worse? and why should the term left if they can really do something about it. they are not gods! just normal human beings JEEZ! I feel sorry for your leaders.I srsly do.

  3. Forget trying to salvage this leak. It’s time to end this now! So to end this once and for all…Drop a 100 ton boulder on the pipe and call it a day. Or 1000 tons…whatever will do the trick.

  4. Simple, because you are the one shoing how stupid Liberals are when you make jokes.

  5. The sad state of affairs going on here is that this is another company from over sea
    that has no investment here in America they would not do this @ home.
    Just like Texas City FUBAR . So remember you do not have to buy gas from BP .
    Or use there faciltys that is true power making a better decsion there are other good corprate nebiours.

  6. That “clean-up” crew was shipped in only to create illusion something being done.
    What a farce! A total LIE! They look like bums taking a leisurely stroll on the beach then relaxing. Possibly ex-ACORN employees me thinks.
    Should hire locals for clean-up.

  7. We know great men. Men of character, vision, and integrity. This country was built by men who showed courage and bravely faced grave challenges. Men of dedication and wisdom, men of purpose. We know who great men are, our American experience has seen many leaders of substance. Unfortunately Obama is not one of these men

  8. BP should be forced to give every American citizen alive $1,000,000 via monthly checks of $10,000 as the form of dispersement. Also they should have an online signup sheet for willing participants to be flown down to help cleanup, while BP also provides room & board at the local hotels & restaurants.

  9. i dont live down there but from all the coverage i can see things are bad. my point is, why did obama have to waste time going down there when he sees what i do and more ? answer is, stupid f-in people that have no room to talk. i dont believe in half of the stuff he does, in this case i totally will let him off the hook. yes he is doing this all for show cuz thats what stupid people want to see.

  10. millions of animals have died because of this, and millions more will die for years to come.

  11. Why cant we focus on improving our home? instead of redecorating our neighbors home with flashy new curtains? I want my tax dollars to go toward pens and pencils and up to date text books for school children, and fixing that DAM POT HOLE THAT BEEN SITTING THERE FOR 2 YEARS! Not funding the research on unmanned drone bombs that are killing more innocent people then we lost in 9-11

  12. I love my country’s men. I hate our congress’s and political choices. Almost every single political action taken is souly for the purpose of making their pockets fuller at the cost of civilian tax dollars and military lifes. But why would they care about that? they got a game of golf on saturday to be preparing for. No time to consider morals. Morals are for the weak and the poor, and people without golf clubs and limo zines.

  13. Jesus Christ will return soon please check the following website: thewarningsecondcoming(dot)com

  14. I thought by simply taking the “war on terror” lexicon out of our daily discussion would be Obama’s first step in treating this phenomenon of terrorism more as a police action then a war. Turns out I was wrong instead this is now an unseen war, and we must work to pull back the power we gave Bush in our moments of hysteria. To make sure Obama and other presidents after him do not take this precident to further damage what is America’s already damaged credability.

  15. Anyone notice how since the “war on terror” began that people are always telling people what they can and can’t have in life? What they can do and can’t? Basically our lives our dictated more than ever before? Well your not alone!!! These “people” whoever they are are more concerned about what color underwear we put on than defending freedom! Anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? Maybe it just takes a genius but damn I see it…..

  16. That is ridiculous. They weren’t buying votes-simply trying to keep people in this country from starving to death. You want to talk about buying votes-check out the recent Surpreme court decision on citizens united.

  17. Democracy ended when govt was granted the ability to buy votes from people through entitlement programs.

  18. Cenk’s views on foreign policy are so skewed and incoherent, that it’s very dangerous to the ears of the young kids who are watching this video right now. I would rather have Israel be the most powerful nation in the middle east than have a power multipolarity between a bunch of tyrannical regimes which have killed FAR MORE civilians in the middle east than the US and Israel combined, and there are a growing population of civilians in the ME who would agree with me.

  19. Its like promoting stricter internet laws when we can watch the fucking arab spring from across the pond and see how important it was to their liberation. Fucking blind tyt?

  20. There goes our place on the Democracy index. By 2015 we will propably be considered a flawed democracy.


  22. 1st crusades ,than colonialism and now war on terror west really like to enjoy the resources of other nations

  23. 1st crusades ,than colonialism and now war on terror west really like to enjoy the resources of other nations

  24. Revenge for gay people since they kill every gay person in midle east since Islamic is born. Again how many have been killed by this rebels and religious freaks? I would probably do the same things cuz the feeling is mutual.

  25. I thought we are still there because we made a mess and we should leave things better than when we cam in?

  26. We need to fight the war on terror! My toaster caught fire and terrorized me, send it to Guantanamo bay!!!!

  27. So Americans can’t be excusted but all non-Americans are fair targets, and the reason is because it supposedly states in their constitution that they only have the right of life and liberty!! or really does it say, ?We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    So its “all men/humans” not Americans

  28. How can they go to war with terror when it’s war that’s terrorizing? – Knaan

  29. Don’t forget Pakistan gets a bunch of aid, so hiding bin laden, at the behest of Cheney or not, is in their economic interest – depriving the US a reason to leave and stop funding Pakistan

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