Pr. Obama Gulf Spill (5) Press Conference

PRESIDENT ANNOUNCES NEW DRILLING REGULATIONS; CHIEF REGULATOR RESIGNS Today President Obama is announcing new drilling regulations hours after Elizabeth Birnbaum resigned under pressure as head of the Minerals Management Service (MMS), the lead agency overseeing US oil and gas drilling. The MMS has come under fire for lax inspections of the Deepwater Horizon rig prior to its April 20 explosion and an Inspector General’s report that identified inappropriate behavior and industry relationships by agency officials.

3 thoughts on “Pr. Obama Gulf Spill (5) Press Conference

  1. Why is there no American flag behind him? I have never seen this before. The tea party assholes will have a ball with this,,

  2. @boots920, trash like you ARE the US Gov. This is a democracy and ignorant, willfully stupid and uninformed garbage like you is going to kill us, unless we that retain some humanity above the jackals and hyenas stand up.

  3. The US government is a absolute threat the endangered species, Americans

    Look folks wake up or die its that basic.

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