Profit Pollution and Deception BP and the Oil Spill FULL DOCUMENTARY HD The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill, the BP oil dis…

It’s been four years since the Deepwater Horizon disaster that killed 11 people and unleashed oil into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days. Scientists dove to the…

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  1. I love how that x shell guy goes on about how it was bp’s fault, which kind
    of wins himpoints but then goes on to how clean energy will never provide
    a living standard and will never ever provide energy like we need, and then
    says there is no such thing as clean energy and dirty energy. what a
    dickhead. if we can drill kilometres under water and earth for oil and
    refine that oil into petrol, silocone etc, if we can put a man on the moon
    in ten years of dreaming it and if we can split the atom with uranium we
    had to enrich by some means first then we can get the world onto
    renewables. it’s purely about will power and the same corporate interests
    that make bp lie to the world are the same interests that would rather make
    their money of unhealthy profit avenues like oil and fast food, smoking etc
    than use some common sense and invest in healthier more sustainable
    options. the American fixation on oil will be the downfall of that country,
    your dollar relies on it, your unsustainable and glutinous living
    standard relies on it and either it’s going to run out and bring you to a
    halt, or it will become so expensive y the world can’t afford to buy it or
    you will end up in a world war over the supply and demand and probably take
    all 7 billion of us with you

  2. Great documentary. I saw BBC so I clicked thinking I was going to watch
    some bullshit, sugar-coated, UK-centric rationalization in an attempt to
    save face, as is customary with British documentaries covering colossal
    British blunders. No doubt British misinformation campaigns have been hard
    at work in the UK, as evidenced by all the Britiots here commenting…but
    I’m this isn’t more of that tripe.

  3. Stop driving huge fucking cars in America and you won’t need so much oil.
    Greedy cunts.

  4. Boo hoo fucking yankies cry your shitty sea is full of oil, so badly done
    to, cry babies. lol

  5. Someone in this thread has praised the makers for making a ‘well researched
    As someone who works in the oil industry, not for BP, and drills oil wells
    for a living I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is NOT a well
    researched documentary. It is anything but. It has been rushed into
    production with as much sensationalist comments as is possible.
    I am left confused as to how their chief witness and event ‘expert’ in the
    documentary can be the chief mechanic on the drilling rig. I can assure
    you that this does not make him an authority on drilling.
    Much of what has been said in this poorly researched programme has been
    subsequently proven to be untrue. Statements made with no proof to back
    them up.
    Several years later what most people in the oil industry will remember
    Macondo for most is:
    1) the tragic loss of life of the people on the platform.
    2) The unforgivable corruption that has been widespread amongst the
    American public who are filing ficticious claims for compensation.
    3) The ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ attitude of the
    4) The difference in attitudes of the general public when oil is spilled in
    America versus when it is spilled in another country.
    If there were a delete button on YouTube I would use it on this

  6. ~Since i was alive and aware when this inside job happened I have an
    oppinion about these kind of terrorist atacks made by multinational
    corporation , Ive wistened the censorship in youtube and lost almost all of
    my respect for the corporation youtube google and facebook , corexit is a
    known poison bioterrorism is genocide a major crime and depopulation is
    real its here not aliens , the elite alienates us by slow death thats their
    way of being alive by acting as parasites of a World made for preservation
    of diferent species in harmony hundreads and thousands died and still are
    dying by these serial killers behing these criminal like mafia
    corporations thanks anyways

  7. Directly affected from this disaster. I was on my gulf island home smoking
    pot in celebration of 420. All of a sudden this pops on the tv. I was givin
    7500 dollars in compensation for lost wages. They offered me a 5000 dollar
    bonus if I signed a disclaimer saying I would pursue no further legal
    action against BP. I took it because I desperately needed the money.
    Penny’s to them was a game changer to me. Now I somewhat regret it. It was
    accepting a bribe and makes me feel dirty now. BP still flourishes as a
    company which makes me sick. There is still oil finding its way to shore. 

  8. I would suggest you all learn a little about drilling, and what petroleum
    makes possible before being so condescending. 11 men lost their lives so
    you can have a computer to get on to bitch about fish dying and lost
    tourist dollars. Computers are contain biproducts of petroleum, if you
    didn’t know

  9. Retarded documentary. Even the WH commission found no conclusive evidence
    that BP cut corners to save money, it was a single piece of equipment that
    malfunctioned with disastrous consequences.

  10. if someone offered me one of them big fuel guzzlers id tell them to stick
    it where the sun doesnt shine. we can get bye on european cars that do 50
    mile to the gallon…….your right bobby….greedy fat capilist yanks that
    care about nothing else other than money and getting fat in mc donalds

  11. fuck you bp, you dirty british fucks, and the government swell,smh you
    cheap money hungry mother fuckers 

  12. I think shell paid the bbc to toss in a couple tasty phrases. Also name
    something dirty on solar or geothermal energy… I will, it’ll reduce oil
    profits and that’s filthy in their eyes.

  13. A well researched documentary , good eye-opener for larger corporations
    that neglect environment

  14. That is all a crock of shit and if she is who she claims to be she should
    be ashamed to lead the world away from the reality and horrors that she
    either did not locate correctly or is is working under the direction of
    those whom have always tried the hide the truth from the world. The one
    that the well is still leaking.

  15. She says that will effect life in the longer term. To me it looks like the
    past, mother nature is covering it up and taking it back into the ground.

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