Q&A: Do most people know that Bush is still making unemployment go up & then blame Obama?

Question by Ask me!: Do most people know that Bush is still making unemployment go up & then blame Obama?
Okay…let’s deal with the FACTS

Fact 1#: It’s true when President Obama took over the unemployment rate was 7.2%

Fact 2#: In July 2009 the unemployment rate is 9.5%

So how can this be? We all know President Obama has lowered the unemployment rate everyday in the White House bu ordering more jobs for the people and cutting their taxes at the same time.

So WTH is going on…..how does Bush cause unemployment rate to go up with an AVG of 500,000 per Month?

Here’s what I think Bush does:

After President Obama goes to the Oval Office and orders more jobs to be created to help the people, BUSH sneaks into the White House (cause he still has a set of keys) and pushes the Kill-The-Jobs button and make the calls to cancel the jobs that Obama JUST ordered to be created.

Also Cheney is BACK:

That’s right, Cheney calls all his friends who own and run business and tells them to lay-off people to make President Obama look bad. We all know Cheny’s friends own all these oil companies and they do what Cheney says.

What’s My Point Here?

When unemployent goes up in the coming Months just remember WHO is causing this….it’s NOT President Obama’s plan of economic recovery. His plan will raise the top 5% of wage earners, his plan will force Cap& Trade that will cause Business to hire more and pay more wages to people like us.

Got it?

Best answer:

Answer by Guru
Yes~now we know the real truth. This is as good as any conspiracy theory

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  2. Wut! No way, Bush still has the key? Wasn’t he supposed to return it after packing out the white house?

  3. God do you people ever stop blaming others and making excuses ? Maybe that’s why the Democrats have been labled the party of the victims ! It suits you to a TEE!

  4. If you were intelligent enough to be worth listening to, you wouldn’t post rants on Question @ ANSWER site.

    Also, sarcasm doesn’t make you right.

  5. LOL, have you noticed Obama isn’t blaming Bush anymore…thats because even Obama knows this economy and unemployment belongs to him but nice try.

  6. yea ok man.. cap and trade will cause first off more money to accomplish which leads to more people being broke which causes buisnesses like mine to go under i work in a oil field and guess what cause the MYTH of global warming we are laying off thanks obama and al gore only gov. owned scientist say it’s real but top scientist around the world say it’s not real.. we are cooling rather than getting hotter.. so stop blaming bush for obama’s mistakes .. what you going to do give him another 4 years cause you want to see what he can do since he ” had to fix bush’s mistakes” get over it time to realize he lacks exp. in everything except speaking.

  7. sure sure you will be saying this as long as barry is in office, you people love the blame game. poor deluded sheep. You just cannot accept any failure of your dear leader . and he has failed to do one good thing for this country.all of this is his doing. millions of jobs gone. high cost of living. high taxes. people without homes. cry on someones shoulders that believe that crap.

  8. Every new president inherits problems, Bush got a ton of them that Clinton left behind. You can’t blame Bush anymore because Obama had all the answers if you remember correctly. Obama is a joke, and he fooled millions of people into voting for him. He’s in way over his head.

  9. Lets not forget how much better the Government is at creating jobs than the free market…

    Government obviously knows better how to spend people’s money better than they do…

    If it wasn’t for Obama, freedom would be putting us all in chains.

  10. Bush and his family must truly hate the country that gave their trust and put their very lives in his hand. Never mind that the Fox News Channel is owned by Red China. No wonder they show so much garbage trying to bring down our country.
    Bush and his family have a long dark history. Bush’s granddaddy supported Nazi Germany and they became rich off of the dead of the camps

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