Q&A: What do you think will happen if Obama gets re-elected?

Question by Markus: What do you think will happen if Obama gets re-elected?
I’m just kinda scared on what will happen in he next four years if he does. I read this thing on how he denied the US ambassador back 3 times before 2 seals went out there and were killed. Then he tried to cover it up but the white house watched the whole battle. Idk it just seems kinda shady if you ask me because he seems to care more about global warming and other crap like that. Also who do you think has a better economy plan?

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Answer by PoBoy
America will remain free.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: What do you think will happen if Obama gets re-elected?

  1. He will put America in her place. Low on the totem pole.
    And of course, he will cram through all sorts of legislation to define the limits of how much we can eat, how much we can drive, and how much we can earn.

  2. We are toast if Obama gets re-elected. War between Iran and Israel is going to break out no matter who wins. Our president needs to stand firm for Israel and we already know Obama won’t do that.

    Romney also has a better plan for our economy. His experience speaks for itself.

    If Obama wins this election, I will give up all hope for my country. It will be too late for us all if he wins.

  3. Political (and political-related) assassinations within 3 years against Liberals.

  4. Over a million people will loose their jobs in January!
    This will put us into another economical spin to doom.

  5. When reelected he will continue to help his country.

    Obama has been a good president. We are better off than we were in the 2008 recession.

    Go on the freeway and see all the 18 wheelers taking supplies to businesses.

    Go to walmart and see all the customers and all the products that have been produced recently.

    Go downtown and see all the people working and selling and buying things.

    Look at the jobs report and see that 93% of Americans have jobs.

    Obama has helped our economy and our nation in spite of the Republicans who tried to ruin our economy and then said, “We are here to save you from the mess we made”

    The Republican Record of how they tried to ruin America.

    1.Tax companies that ship jobs overseas – BLOCKED (Source)
    2.The Dream Act – BLOCKED (Source)
    3.Political Ad disclosure Bill – BLOCKED 2x (Source)
    4.Small Business Jobs Act – BLOCKED 2x (Source)
    5.Anti- Rape Amendment – BLOCKED (Source)
    6.Benefits for Homeless Veterans – BLOCKED (Source)
    7.Affordable Healthcare for America – Voted 33x to Repeal (Source)
    8.Healthcare for the 9/11 First Responders – BLOCKED (Source)
    9.The Jobs Bill – BLOCKED (Source)
    10.Wall Street Reform – BLOCKED (Source)
    11.Oil Spill Liability – BLOCKED (Source)
    12.Immigration Reform – BLOCKED (Source)
    13.Fair Pay Act of 2009 – BLOCKED and DEFEATED (Source)
    14.Unemployment Extension Bill – BLOCKED (Source)

    In 2012 they want you to think that Obama is to BLAME!


    The only way Obama could protect the American people against the Republican terrorist in congress was to sign over 900 executive orders = to protect us against the Repuglican congress = They tried to ruin America from day one in order to later say “We are here to rescue you.”
    Here is the proof of what Obama has done for America:

    Ended torture of detainees
    Health insurance reform
    Subsidized 60% of Cobra insurance
    Recovered unused SSI benefits
    Medicare fraud recovery $5 billion
    Home foreclosure loan modification help
    Expanded Alaska oil drilling
    Saved a million auto and related jobs from going overseas
    Hired first responders and teachers
    funding for community medical clinics
    credit card disclosure reforms
    Ended gay discrmination in the armed forces
    Improved veterans medical benefits
    Veterans employment program
    Improved school nutrition
    Improved lower school grades in “Race to the Top”
    Saved the largest banks and financial institutions
    tax credits for small business hires
    income tax credits
    2009 tax rebates
    Social Security payroll tax cut
    seniors $300 rebate
    nuclear treaty with Russia
    stronger military presence in the Pacific
    Iron Dome missile defense system for Israel
    Launching cyber attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities
    Captured Osama bin Laden and 5 others
    Deposed the Libyan terrorist Quadaffi
    anti-terrorism campaigns in Afghanistan
    Deportation of 400,000 illegal criminals
    Reforming student loans
    Extension of unemployment benefits
    Campaign against childhood obesity
    Consumer financial protection agency
    Temporary work permits for undocumented youth
    Refunds on insurance premiums
    Saved 1 million auto industry and related jobs

  6. You should stop beleiving bullsh!t then, since the more actual facts we learn about what happened the more we learn about how Faux News and the conservative blogosphere have been lying through their teeth, shamelessly exploiting this tragedy just to get their boy Romney elected.

    Faux News, who are far more interested in turning this election for their kept boy Romney than the truth have been reporting for weeks that the CIA Annex in Benghazi requested permission from Washington to go to the aid of the Consulate and was told TWICE to “stand down”. The CIA for its part says this is BS and their team on the ground got the first call about the attack at 9:40pm, grabbed what small arms were at hand and proceeded to the consulate 25 minutes later with no interference from above. This team extracted surviving State Department personnel (everyone except Ambassador Stevens) by 11:30pm and were able to evacuate them to a nearby safe house. An un-armed State Department Predator drone arrived overhead at about the same time as the evacuation. Meanwhile a second CIA rescue team of 6 men flew from Tripoli to Benghazi in a chartered aircraft and arrived at around 1:00am by which time militant attacks on the CIA safe house were subsiding. This second team were delayed at the airport while awaiting ground transportation and armed escorts from local Libyan authorities. They arrived at the CIA safe house around 5:00am just as militants returned for another round of attacks with mortars. This attack lasted 11 minutes and killed two CIA security officers. By 6:00am heavily equipped Libyan soldiers arrived and evacuated everyone to the airport.

    Faux News and the conservative blogosphere have also complained that the administration originally and incorrectly blamed the Benghazi attacks on a now-famous but then obscure Youtube video that ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad, but the administrations early comments lumped the violence in Egypt and Yemen (most definitely trigged by the video) together with that of Benghazi. The charge they are trying to invent is the administration did not want to admit to a planned terrorist attack so close to the election, which seems rather thin. In reality the administration kept its comments relatively vague and minimal as is typical in such situations because much of what it knew was based on classified intelligence sources.

    Faux News and the blogs have also criticized the White House for not sending jet fighters based at Aviano, Italy to the aid of the Benghazi Consulate. The Pentagon has said it would not send forces or aircraft into Libya — a sovereign nation — without a request from the State Department and the knowledge or consent of the host country. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has also said the information coming in was too jumbled and imprecise to risk the lives of additional U.S. troops in a half-assed rescue attempt.

    Faux News and the blogs have claimed the Benghazi Consulate was repeatedly denied improved security by the White House and/or State Department. The reality appears to be that in the ruins of the Consulate two draft letters were found dated September 11 indicating the compound was under surveillance and complaining the Libyan government – who under international law were responsbile for providing security – had failed to fulfill requests for additional security.

    Almost everything the White House has been accused of doing wrong is complete BS, invented by ideologues for political gain.

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