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Question by Mkath: Why are republicans calling the oil spill Obama’a Katrina?
Katrina was a natural disaster whose first in line to clean it up was the fed. The oil spill was a man made disaster, first in line to clean up was the corporation who caused it-BP.

Considering that repubs are always bitchin for less government involvement, how can they even suggest that the oil spill is Obama’s Katrina?

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Answer by Rounder
because it took obama 30 some days to start doing anything

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  1. its comparing disasters not whether they were natural or not. how obama handles it will be compared to the slamming bush got for the way he handled katrina

  2. Its a major disaster in the gulf that the government has been inactive on. Its not just republicans saying that, its most people.

    We pay via tax dollars a gov. program called the EPA (environmental protection agency) who is supposed to react quickly to messes like this. So far, theyve been pretty MIA.

  3. Attack, attack, attack is the first page in the republican/CON playbook. They’re just using the same tactics they used against Bill Clinton.

  4. Because of the way he is handling it. The truth is Katrian was not Bush’s Katrina, it was Mayor Ray Nagin’s Katrina. He is the one who was a complete idiot and clueless nitwit . The unfortunate thing is the National Press Hates George Bush so they decided to blame something that was MAYOR RAY NAGINS responsibility and pinned it on Bush.

    Why did no one ask RAY NAGIN what he did wrong durring Katrina?

  5. The apparent lack of action on the part of the Obama regime has been noticed by many Americans. Even staunch Democrats like James Carville have slammed Obama for his apparent apathy and lethargy regarding taking action to reduce the damage from the oil spill.

    Having governors of Gulf coast states complain that they are being ignored and that nobody is talking to them or helping them shows a certain cavalier attitude that the vacationing Obama has towards the spill.

    Like everything else that Obama has allegedly “accomplished”, he’s not actually involved himself actively in the process, he’s just thrown the problem over the wall again, expecting somebody else to work it out.

    He did that with the so-called “stimulus” package, the health-care fiasco bill, and now with the oil spill.

    This guy just does not have any leadership qualities. It should even be obvious to a Democrat.

  6. There were 13 oil spills during Clintons presidency. 12 more during George Bush Srs. and over 20 spills during George W’s 8 years…worldwide. So far Obama’s had 4 including this one. Spills happen from time to time, but George Sr. had only been in office 3 months when the Valdeez ran aground. The libs naturally hung it around his neck.

  7. The Gulf oil gusher simply underlines the absolute top to bottom incompetence of the Obama administration. For example though each department involved has trumpeted their input since so-called “Day One” (April 20) it took White House energy czarina Carol Browner 10 full days to conclude that the original blow-out preventer wasn’t working! Some czarina!! Secondly, while early-on locals led by Governor Jindal have requested Federal help to install booms and create temporary sand barrier islands to prevent crude oil from reaching the shoreline they have been rebuffed by the Feds who claim their requests have been taken “under advisement”. Some action!! Obama is just a modern day Nero who fiddles while Rome burns.
    This situation is a much larger problem than Katrina. Obama’s lack of urgency to address real problems while attempting to solve non-problems like health care point out his personal incompetency. God help the United States!!

  8. They completely ignore what the Obama administration has done like that he was there four days after the event, like the Coast Guard was on the spot putting out the fires and looking for survivors, like the fact that there are 1,300 ships and 20,000 government men and many agencies in the Gulf now.
    I’m not sure how you can ignore so much activity, but maybe Fox isn’t being completely honest with those who only watch that channel.
    You are correct, much has been done, and much can’t be done, especially since BP seems to have done a great deal of lying about the situation.
    But there are no people to relocate, or save, or house, the oil will be with us for years. This is a completely different operation from a land disaster.

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