Stephen Fry loves Louisiana. Four months after the BP oil spill, dubbed the worst ecological disaster in the history of America, Fry returns to the Deep Sout…

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  1. thought this was balanced and showed differing sides to the crisis.
    definitely a complex thing and you can’t just blame bp, you must blame our
    economy, our greed and our culture. it is also true though that human
    beings will demand products, but they can only demand products that are
    available to them, just because the population wants oil doesn’t mean
    that’s a good enough reason to drill for it if the consequences are so far
    reaching. the oil isn’t the problem really, great things come from oil, but
    there is artificial demand created, we don’t need 6 litre engines to get
    around, we don’t need a tv in every room of the house, we don’t need a new
    omputer or phone or car every year or two. definitely complex

  2. The last line, ‘the future would not judge us…’ is the one that is false,
    and will be false. The future might forget us, humans of little thought,
    but we will be blamed for the greed. However, the enormous cloak of large
    corporations (BP, etc) will save the participant individuals (including
    myself) from any harm from being blamed. Why else do we form large
    corporations?…humans all the way through :(

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