Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster – The movie that documented one of the worst environmental disasters in US history. To watch the entire movie in sequence, click here: To learn more about the incident, visit wikipedia here:

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  1. Oil Spill Eater II was tested successfully by Exxon during the winter of 1990 proving OSE II was the most effective products in the world for oil spill clean up. A volunteer group from Homer Alaska tested OSE II on a small section of beach, on rocks, and limbs cleaning the oil from them. The volunteer group requested ADEQ to pay for OSE II so they could use it. OSE II is non toxic to marine species, and responders, converting oil to CO2 and water removing oil from the environment.

  2. CLEARLY this situation became a cover-up before it became a clean-up
    proving that the legislation of having a contingency plan in place was tolally useless
    the oil companies made a mockery of themselves …the legal system as well as the government of the US of A
    and the mockery continues and Canada too

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