25 thoughts on “Thrift Shop PARODY I’m Obama ~ Rucka Rucka Ali

  1. Type “True Theory of Everything Quadrant Model of Reality 1” into YouTube for the Truth.

  2. this video is so fucking fake…half these pics arent even really obama just a pic of him cut on to it

  3. to me it honestly sounds more like Rucka is mocking those who talk shit about Obama, not exactly mocking Obama himself

    and I’m not so sure I’d agree with you on your choice of ‘best’ presidents, but i do think Obama is easily the best president we’ve had in the past 20-30 years

    Clinton was an idiot btw, he didn’t balance shit he sold off all our reserves and it barely broke us even, and now look where we are, oh yea, without oil reserves etc… good tax planning too, totally pro

  4. obama obama obamadaba. obama obama obamadaba.  obama obama obamadaba. obama OSAMA obamadaba. haha. rucka never fails..

  5. I really dont get why Rucka is ripping on Obama so much lately. He seems like the coolest prez the US has ever had (After Lincoln, Kennedy and Roosevelt ofc)

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