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Question by 0bama, give us our country back!: Who’s making the bigger contradiction regarding the Oil Spill: Libs or Conservatives?
Conservatives are against government intervention on PRIVATE matters, but the oil spill has become an ecological disaster. BP might own the OIL, but they DO NOT own Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Florida. The United States does, therefore. Isn’t it the GOVERNMENTS job to show some leadership in the crisis.

Libs just hate the private sector and see this as another opportunity to bash a Corporation. They’re all about government reliance, except for the FEW cases where its ACTUALLY needed.

Who’s made the bigger contradiction?

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Answer by Mr. Wolf
That would be the Conservatives that are calling for President Obama and the federal government to take over a private companies oil well site and commander privately own ships to help with the clean up.

The Conservatives that advocate less regulation than attack the Obama administration because there was not enough regulations in place.

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  1. Libs don’t hate the private sector. I’m a Lib and I don’t hate it. Your question is really biased. Conservatives are making a big contradiction. They want NO government interference then Jindal comes and whines back to the government saying how they gotta clean up the spill.

  2. The fact is BP never had a meeting as to what to do in such a scenario. It’s like BP is saying, “Gee fellas, what do we do now?”

    To be sure, if there were unions on that oil platform there would have been highly trained personnel and equipment thwarting that disaster. The GOP’s watering down safety rules and regulations as well as ridding of unions has caused this mess.

    Here is a thought. Before the white man came to America you could drink clean water from any river, lake, or stream.

  3. I actually do believe that the gov’t needs to help end this disaster. If BP tries do, they will only fail.
    Honestly, BP didn’t predict that this would happen and had no training as to what to do if it did happen. I’m not normally one who wants the government to do everything (Liberal), its just that they need fix this problem because the Government holds the highest authority for an environmental disaster.

  4. liberals. Obama is pro-environment so he says and then also says that HE’S in charge, but then he’s not doing anything but holding back efforts to implement local plans to save their eco-systems down at the gulf.

    example: wouldn’t allow them to protect the beaches by building sand-bars.

  5. Liberals have opposed offshore drilling for years for this very reason. This question you pose seriously, illustrates how dumbed down and distorted this issue has become.

  6. It’s the liberals that are being more contradicting.

    I personally do not think it’s the government’s job to clean up this mess, but let’s face the real truth.

    If this spill happened when Bush was president and he responded the same way Obama has, they’d be all over Bush like a pack of wolves on an injured moose.

    But since it happened under Obama, who’s the bad guy? Exactly, corporations.

    And you’re right. Liberals hate the private sector because they want a monolithic centralized government that controls everything and everybody. That’s why they hate corporations. Corporations are a symbol of capitalism’s success.

  7. so, you agree that when Katrina hit Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama… it was the federal gov’s place to respond? which it didn’t for days on end…

    I noticed a lot of cons that said “they should take care of themselves” in Katrina?

    of course, the other issue is… WHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO DO?


    now, what?

    you can talk ALL DAY ABOUT “taking leadership” BUT IT DOESN’T DO ANY GOOD WHEN NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO DO…

  8. Contradiction wise, it’s the conservatives. Especially with the massive libertarian streak the Tea Party and the Republicans have been taking, calling for a government to take control,however temporarily, of the actions of a business is the definition of hypocrisy.

    As a liberal myself, I do in fact believe the government should be spearhead the cleanup, but also work with private industry to help. I don’t believe that private industry should be in charge though. I do believe that while the government is “in charge” down there, they let BP get away with far too much.

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