Have we already forgotten when Occidental Oil’s Piper Alpha platform exploded in the North Sea in 1988, killing 167 people; or when Union Carbide’s gas plant in Bhopal, India, poisoned an entire town in 1984, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and the establishment of a poisonous legacy that remains to this day.

Both of these companies were important contributors to the local economy, just as BP has been to America’s. Roughly a third of BP’s operations, shareholders and personnel are actually American.

Why is Obama taking such a hardline against BP?

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  1. I really don’t think he’s been vicious enough…seems to me he should have much more oversight over them.

  2. Because people now know BP gave him millions and he has to pretend he is anti-lobbysist and Business to keep the rabid liberal American haters from turning on him.

  3. Politics.

    BP has become a pawn in the Democrats plan to halt all off shore drilling for oil.

  4. BP were irresponsible, Its the goverments duty to protect the rights of the public (ideally), big businesses dont care about people, so if he didnt deal with them harshly no one else would, and they’d get away with it.

  5. because he is getting blamed for a mistake that he didn’t make. BP made the mistake, and needs to fix it..

  6. Why is Obama taking such a hardline against BP?

    Political gain… and ” Wag the Dog”..of course…

  7. Shortly before the oil spill Obama reversed his “no offshore drilling” position and the oil spill made him look pretty silly. But I don’t think Obama is being so hard on BP. Considering the amount of damage to the environment and how many people will be affected by the spill BP may actually be getting off easy. Ask some gulf coast seafood companies, beach towns and environmentalists if they think “British Petroleum is being so viciously dealt with..”

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