Will the petroleum engineering industry be decreased drastically in the next 10 years because of the spill?

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  1. In the next 10 years I believe there will be an alternative fuel source.

    but in the immediate future i dont see why the outlook would be less just because of the spill if anything it would be more, because now they want to find people who can use what they recovered and turn it back into fuel that they can sell

    no clue just what i thought of when i read your question

  2. in 1910 the lakeview gusher in kern county California appears to be the largest oil well blowout in american history . it took 18 months to get it under control . the total volume of oil spilled was estimated at 378 million gallons and it produced a lake of oil so large that people crossed it in boats . 100 years latter history repeats . greed and going cheap on safety never go out of style . go for the job .

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