The world needs a new source of energy, an unspillable source.

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  1. so in essence all the geothermal loop does is raise the refrigerant by
    10deg before its
    compressed again.

  2. If the DX does not require additional electricity then what powers the fan
    that blows across the tubes?

  3. Frost line is only two feet I believe. I didn’t understand this diagram
    example because different temperatures where used. If 20 degree liquid is
    going into the 52 degree ground shouldn’t it come up at least 50 degrees
    and not 30 degrees. That is only a 10 degree saving and is it worth the
    cost??? Also wondering how long does copper pipe last before needing to be
    replaced in that warm moist rocky soil?

  4. This again is not geothermal it is GROUND HEAT RECOVERY. 5 feet down here
    in NorthCentral Pa will never work–we get frozen ground to 9 feet at
    times–as we did this past winter 2013-14. Therefore this heat source is a
    waste of $$$$. Use deep drilled wells real geothermal steam energy. It
    works and many places here in Pa as well as the world are using this now.
    Good old USA is still stuck with polluting oil/, other petrochemicals.

  5. Hi Cristopher, could you please let me know which software did you use to
    create this video, and which are the similar softwares? Thank you so much.

  6. ok.. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around understanding how this works.
    I’m lost at the point where the return line from the heat exchanger is at
    85 deg.. then goes through the reducer and drops to 20.. why drop the temp
    to 20? why isn’t that 85 degrees recycled back through the compressor?
    wouldn’t it take less compression/energy to bring that back up to 160?

  7. I am checking with my manufacturer to see if there is a deal near you. I
    will keep you posted.

  8. Instead of you two arguing over a small market share, shouldn’t you be
    working together to enhance your market share. I LITERALLY saw a Chevron
    commercial before this would play. Big picture.

  9. I work in the geothermal energy field, but on large-scale electricity
    generation operations. I have to say this is an excellent video, but the
    title is a little misleading. It’s important to make the distinction
    between direct use/heat pump geothermal systems (which is the process that
    this video details) and geothermal power generation, to avoid confusion. In
    my community we refer to power generation as “geothermal energy,” and to
    heat pump systems as “direct use” geothermal.

  10. I would love a system like this, but I can’t seem to find a contractor here
    in Hawaii. Is there anyway to ballpark a cost for a system like this? I
    live in Volcano Village (Hawaii) and would love to have a system like this
    integrated into my 1920s home w/o losing it’s character. Love my old
    fireplace (original wood fire burning) but would love to have a green
    solution like this for my water and heating as an option. Would be nice to
    have these for mold and sanitary prevention as well!

  11. The reason why the refrigerant needs to drop in temperature is due to the
    fact that it is liquid state after passing through the heat exchanger. So,
    by dropping the pressure and sending the low pressure liquid down to the
    earth, the liquid begins to boil in the ground and changes state back to a
    gas. During this process is when it absorbs the heat energy stored in the
    earth. Once this process is complete, the gas refrigerant can be
    compressed. In short, I cant send a liquid to a compressor.

  12. I got a similar unit like this, in fact we were the first on the block, who
    had this system. We were one of those test houses 17 years ago.

  13. thank you….. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, it is
    a copyright infringement in this case.

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