41 thoughts on “Ion Propulsion – Deep Space One (Documentary)(Part 1 of 4)

  1. Great four part series of videos. Everyone can see the challenges of space
    and how these pioneers over came them. This team did a great job and some
    luck getting the ion engine restarted, hey, they did and the rest is
    history. Only a brain dead would call it old news. BOB

  2. how can we best describe ion propulsion? is a mecanism that uses the
    electrons of the molecules and atom to generate power?? ion + and ion -??
    and what is the speed of it in light years.??

  3. I like this source of energy because it’s not as expensive as “rocket
    fuel”, and electricity can be generated from pretty much anywhere. Static
    electricity, solar panels, wind turbines, nuclear power plants, water etc.
    Traveling on a more powerful rocket such as nuclear power would be good but
    as for traveling to planets like mars I would use electronic
    pulsion travel, sure it’s a little slow but that’s what E=mc2 is for, the
    speed of the spacecraft can catch speed of the orbit from the Earth, since
    Earth spins at 7,000 mph the spacecraft will travel at 7,000mph in addition
    to it’s speed alone which can be very fast, sling the craft and catch orbit
    from Mars. With electric pulsion at least you’ll have a never ending supply
    of energy to fly there and back without worries, if you attach solar panels
    of course. Always have a Cosmonautic medic on board.

  4. These things will probably outrun the Voyagers. I hope to one day see a
    mission to bring the Voyagers home.

  5. Nice presentation Nathan, what I liked best about it was that it sounds
    like you really have a grasp on the topic, rather than simply regurgitating
    information from your research.

  6. 200,000 MPH like an inch worm in the desert. then I guess interstellar
    travel for human beings is out of the question even if you started it out
    accelerating with another high torque low speed engine like a liquid
    hydrogen/oxygen rocket or a fusion rocket and shifted into the ION drive
    later when decent speeds were attained.

  7. The acceleration is gradual, done incrementaly over a period of several
    months. It results in very high speeds.

  8. I want to add that is good for space travel not for leaving planet with
    huge mass. So a ion propelled ship must be assembled in space. And load
    additional module to land on planet like Earth or Mars.

  9. i laughed at “fuel efficiency of a Prius, top speed of a Lamborghini and
    the acceleration of a potted plant…” very good

  10. there is no way , humans created this tecnology,, we cant see the ions,
    elctron , molecules… so the tech came from some where, an i cant
    compreend this…

  11. Hey, man, real cool video. You’re excellent at breaking things down so an
    average Joe like me can understand.

  12. This operates very similarly to how I played around with the idea of energy
    weapons. Minus the magnetic fields to contain the projectiles.

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