The world needs a new source of energy; one that is continuous, plentiful, inexpensive, safe and unspillable

Water car patent pending Hydrogen technology

Update 12/20/2010 – Working on open-sourcing my electrode to make it free to the world. The way it should be. Update June 24, 2010 – Looking for partners to bring this project to the public. We have manufacturer but need a local machine shop to prototype new upgraded models for testing. Contact me at dallasgoldbug@gmail.com to discuss possible partnership. Also looking for used CNC machines table top or small shop sized. If you have a spare and are in the Dallas area I would be interested in working out a trade deal if possible. I also have two other non Hydrogen related products I’m looking to have manufactured. Preferred partners with working understanding of metal fabrication and has available CNC milling capabilities. These requirements are not necessary but would eliminate production costs. Originally posted 3/21/08 Hydrogen, Fuel cell, alternative fuel source, HHO, Oxygen Hydrogen Production, Ed Chiarini, Meyers, Bedini, Dodge Diesel, Ram Truck, Dodge 2500, Turbo Diesel

www.overunity.com Dr. Stifffler experiment with a SEC exciter circuit running from a 12 Volts battery to generate Hydrogen via a normal 1N4148 diode in destilled water. Very scalable and thus input power independant.