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Journalist and researcher Jim Marrs also joins us to discuss documented, real-world alternative energy systems being suppressed, and other technologies that …
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  1. Alex for fuck sake let the man speak for once you ignorant twat. Always
    have to hog the limelight don’t you?

  2. I blame Alex Jones for killing the boy. He hates bp and had something to do
    with Zimmerman’s direct acquittal. 

  3. What if someone with valuable information that is crucial to mankind
    refuses to reveal that information while continuing to purposely mislead
    and profit from the public and manipulating them like toys? What laws can
    expose or stop them?

  4. Hey Mr. Jones. Are you familiar with the work of Jacque Fresco? If not, I
    suggest you look into the Venus Project.

  5. See if you agree with, all President & Government Regulations.
    Alex & Jim were correct on this. REPLACE all governed positions. A NEW
    1.The new replacements all need background checks.
    2. MUST be drug tested.
    3. Must not be racist or biased of another race.
    4. Cannot be connected to any previous wars.
    5. Cannot be connected to any businesses. Including their own business.
    6. Cannot be a member of Or a part of any group that’s considered a secret
    society Or influential positions that detour this countries progress for
    peace on earth.
    7. The presidency cannot be bought.
    8. No funding allowed to elect a president. As it’s based on all facts that
    consider a candidate a clean body and of sound mind.
    9.Must have knowledge of economy issues and trade.
    10. No president can be a previous soldier of any kind.
    11. No officials under the President can be a previous soldier of any kind.
    12. A high percentage of America’s tax money has to go back into the
    country for the people. Not the military, unless a war is coming Or on
    going. With No Tax breaks for the Rich. They can pay like everyone else
    13. ONLY the people can vote on war. NOT the people in charge of running
    the country. As previous position seem to fund war for growth.
    14. All candidates must pass a lie detector test.
    15. All candidates will show & prove their citizenship.
    16. ANY American with these credentials can be elected as our President and
    Or officials under the President and Vice President positions.
    17. All persons in previous governing & also military positions found
    guilty of treason Or tyranny Or funding to America’s enemies MUST be jailed
    for 50yrs. And their business Or businesses MUST be confiscated Or closed
    until release. And if they die in prison then the business Or businesses
    MUST be liquidated. No exceptions! And nobody is allowed to run the
    business or businesses while the owners or part owners are incarcerated Or
    in question. ( they don’t mind jailing us for all our lives when the crime
    fits. ALL of the crimes above are just as serious as Murder in the 1st
    18. Security to watch over and track U.S. citizens MUST be limited.
    19. All foreigners newly arriving to America Or in question of anything
    that can lead to an attack from the inside of American borders MUST be
    watch and tracked thoroughly until leaving the country, Or until becoming a
    citizen. And we have the devices to do this.
    20. ALL government position MUST be bound to honesty to the American people
    that elected them. If any lies are found in what they say Or do. Then see
    rule number 17.
    Note: Some are the same rules. But there is change here. And the rules need
    to be upheld and followed. No exception! And I don’t know much about
    running anything. lol But I know these current people in charge are
    influencing all wars for profit. And Or to make their funders happy.

  6. they don’t want you growing your own food because they need you to eat
    there cems in there food to dumb you down !

    Because when we pull their rug out from under them.. And undermine their
    grip.. WWIII will begin. That’s what they want us to do. By standing up we
    are giving them reason.. By standing down, we give them motivation.. It’s a
    lose lose. It’s crazy.

  8. This would have been an interesting (and watchable) video had Alex not
    interrupted every five seconds (or less). Oh well. Pretty much what I
    expected to happen.

  9. Alex and Jim…Love your purpose in life…continue to Speak the
    Truth…and brace yourself, the end is rearing it’s ugly head…but there
    is life after the death of evolution.
    Take care and stay strong.
    RTM, Dallas, Texas

  10. Dammit Alex.. We don’t get to hear these people you invite on your show as
    much as we hear you. Let them talk.. lol
    I feel your compassion totally<--- But you're talking over Jim way too much.. silly.

  11. Alright people. If you don’t like Alex Jones busting into tthe middle of
    the discussion then why the hell do you watch. Alex admits he’s bad about
    it but so what. Jim Marrs can’t be the only one speaking and that’s why he
    pauses for alex and vis versa. Just enjoy to real people teling like it is
    because frankly I’m sick of the fake shit arnt you?

  12. I like Alex Jones, I admire how passionate he is to expose the truth, but
    for gods sake man, lets hear what Jim Marrs has to say. I wish we could
    have heard more from Mr. Marrs in this segment, very interesting some
    points he brought up. Very interesting indeed.

  13. I like Jim Marrs. Hes very knowledgable about the NWO, but i read one of
    his books & what sucks is he teaches the NWO is the Annunaki from Niberu.
    Hes very good up till then but then it turns into fairytale, lala land.

  14. In my opinion, they already have a way to screw us on electricity.. So as
    soon as they can regulate that screwing on cars.. there will be more sold

  15. This was a jarring interview because Alex kept interrupting! A good host is
    supposed to know when to let the guest speak.

    They should do another, updated interview with Jim and either get someone
    else to host or Alex needs to know when to be quiet.

  16. But Alex, How can yo be sure even those seeds are safe. GMO’s have been
    around since I was a young child. I’ve always seen their signs on the
    crops. So I would question those as well.

  17. Why is Alex funding the fear? These people are demons they feed off
    mankinds fear! There again these people created your Gods one to give you
    fear and two to control you! If you feed into Alex’s fear your feeding into
    the fear of those demons in power! On the other hand if you go out there
    without fear and work your life away from this corrupt system you will save
    yourself and thus save humanity! If you want proof they created your gods
    look at Genisis where it mentions God wanting mankind to remain ignorant.
    Therefore mankind could never eat from the tree of knowledge! Their secret
    organizations contain the secrets of the world that have been kept from
    mankind for centuries if not millennia! If your not a part of them then
    they don’t want you to know

  18. Personal research of engineering transportation led me to find that
    conversion of gasoline-car into watercelline-cars need crude oil
    (fossil-resources). Crude-Oil that into the processing of various
    usefulness is listed; petroleum is a by-product and this by-product does
    introduce mineral oil; as during such processing to conduct grease, for
    grease is made of soap with mineral oil to create that grease that is
    needed for suspension of vehicles and any moving parts request such crude
    oil as the basis.

    What does the people need that will be to freely produce, without threat
    from anybody, for universally-controllable-vehicle(UCV) uses. I’m talking
    about the natural forces uses and observed and managed IFO/UFO by E.B.E’s
    and the few of Earth people.

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