Rush Limbaugh Busted On Crazy Obama Oil Spill Conspiracy

FYI – TYT beat Rush to win the Best Political Podcast Award 2009: Rush Transcript: Special Promotion: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Follow us on Twitter: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews Watch more at Rush Limbaugh goes after Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks on his radio show after he’s called out on his crazy Obama Regime Oil Spill Team liberal conspiracy. He ignores BP, Transocean and Haliburton and points to Earth Day Environmentalists on the left (Al Gore mention sure to come).

While you are loading up on pepsi and heading to Walmart Bp spilled oil in the gulf and they have an even bigger disaster looming. It is called Atlantis and somewhere in Chinal oils is spilling on their shores. I know exactly what they are up to plus I know there exact moves in the future. I am Christian But I can give you a non religious explanation. I call it biblical street theatre. They are literally enacting the biblical scriptures out in defiance of everyone else. Why do you think the Trolls are all decorated in good and evil symbols. The only way we can be controlled safely for the eugenics program is a cult and what better cult than their good and evil representatives. On their good side you have montagraph and Alex Jones and on the bad side you have the freemasons atheists and satanists…. Although quite confusing with Vonhelton. (he claims to side with Neo nazis and satanists and calls himself the PUNNISHER) Do I think Walter Veith is a good guy…I doubt it but he is restoring the original movement. Good plan by the jesuit orchestrators because no one has fallen for the fake churches put on by the freemasons! Walter Veith ha been an atheist a catholic and so on! But I am not putting a video in production as good as he can show the truth ! Already I found videos of Montagraph’s friend Vonhelton protect satanists and neo nazis and admit his parents are freemasons. How much closer to proof can a person get! There is more to know about what is
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30 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Busted On Crazy Obama Oil Spill Conspiracy

  1. TyT is an Ass fuck of MSNBC … LOL …..your swat is ya master lol MSNBC LOL .. fake fucking news … Rush Limbaugh is Boss ..and kicks everyone’s ass … debate him .. put up or shut up lol ….

  2. A fact that the defenders of the 1% “tax breaks” omit is that although these 1% of most wealthy earners may indeed be paying half of all income taxes, but that these same 1% are earning 90% of all income.

    If you are claiming 90% of all income and pay only 50% of all income tax, you are at a MAJOR advantage. You are also clearly NOT at all sharing in any of the pain suffered by the great majority of middle and working class Americans who have truly sacrificed during this great recession.

  3. Rush is a DNC plant to help them get elected. NO ONE can be this stupid, but he makes alot of money off stupids who buy this fat pill popping idiot.

  4. haha yeah. But you start to like him real quick. You should watch some of their newer videos and subscribe. Join the TYT army

  5. This guy has a good message, but I’m afraid he needs to work on the comedic approach.

  6. @junkrat1
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  7. well yeah but if he spouts bullshit then what’s wrong with calling him out on it.

  8. I completely agree that Rush is free to say what he wants, but when he lies we are free to correct him.

  9. K seriously this guy is free to say what ever the fuck he wants retarded or not leave rush alone!!!

  10. @superninjabeast123 I have a job, and I go to school full time. I’m swamped six days a week, and barely making it. I am also a liberal. Weird.

  11. you know,Obama really hates drilling for OIL off our coasts,unless it’s BRAZIL,CUBA, HUGO CHAVEZ or any other number of anti U.S. communist governments,then Obama loves off shore OIL drilling!all you have to do is say that you hate America too and Obama will give you loan guarantees worth Billions,like he did with Brazil,give you off shore drilling rights off the US’s coast line and,he’ll promise to buy up all the oil from them too!THANK YOU OBAMA FOR LOOKING AFTER THE U.S.A.!JOBS!JOBS!JOBS!

  12. GOD I love Rush Limbaugh! I find his brand of paranoia-induced insanity amusing. At least I’m not making fun of a retard…well, I’ll admit it. I AM.

  13. You all make me throw up a little in my mouth. Rush, is a voice box for the conservative movement (self appointed I might add). And Why do we need companies like BP? Oh wait, we rely on them. Heaven forbid we utilize ourselves taking advantage of our own resources. Lets pay 2 billion to Brazil for their oil thats much safer. :P to all of you.

  14. SOCIALISM: You earn 100 times minimum. State takes half in taxes and regularly raises minimum.

    COMMUNISM: You earn minimum like most others. State keeps profits and maintains minimum.

    FASCISM: You earn according to degree of conformity to constant political climate change.

    NAZISM: You are promised high wages but are eventually liquidated.

    BUREAUCRACY: You earn 100 times minimum and get to funnel most of it off-shore.

    CAPITALISM: You earnings depend on your greed and degree of corruption.

  15. It feels good to know that other people can see through the bullshit too. Great show sir, keep up the good work and God Bless the truthful ones !!!

  16. Watch “Media Mind Control And the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico” by LenonHonor on LenonHonorFilms(.)com

    The BP Oil Spill is a Fraud, and I don’t even watch the news. I figured it out from kids in my school!

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