Obama Press Conference On Gulf Oil Spill Part 2 of 7

President Obama takes questions on the Gulf Oil disaster.
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BP will leave the cap on the oil well while it vacates the area for a number of days to avoid the coming tropical storm. What could possibly go wrong? One expert warns that increasing pressure might have an unintended danger: Bill Gale, a California engineer and industrial explosion expert who is a member of the Deepwater Horizon Study Group, said… that gas hydrate crystals could be plugging any holes in the underground portion of the well, and they could get dislodged as pressure builds. (Gale was formerly Chief Loss Prevention Engineer for Bechtel in San Francisco, obtained his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, Masters in Civil Engineering and PhD in Fire Safety Engineering Science from the University of California, Berkeley. Gale is a registered professional engineer in both mechanical engineering and fire protection engineering, and has more than forty years of industrial loss prevention, process safety management, and fire protection/fire safety engineering experience.) In other words, there may have been a destruction of a portion of the steel well casing which was temporarily plugged by methane hydrate crystals. Leaving the well cap may slowly raise the pressure in the well to the point where the hydrate crystals are dislodged, in which case the well might really start leaking. Sound farfetched? Maybe. But remember that the “top hat” containment dome failed because it got plugged up with methane hydrate crystals. And remember that there’s a lot of
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28 thoughts on “Obama Press Conference On Gulf Oil Spill Part 2 of 7

  1. Did he say the name of the National Incident Coordinator is Fat Allen?

  2. I work in oil and gas fields and what I’m trying to figure out is WHY they did not use nitrogen to freeze off the well like they do with other blowouts ? It’s as if they are purposely letting it happen !

  3. ..Why is there no Republican (except for Rand Paul) calling for the Government to get out the way and let the industry handle this? Where is the Laissez Faire attitude about this one? The President and the Government will fix this for you so you can turn around and vote against government intervention again in the future. Then we will have another problem with industey that you anti-government types can cry about in the future. This is your fault like the problems with the banks were.

  4. There are too many partisans in our country and not enough Americans. I had major problems with Pres. Bush and Clinton but I respected them as the leaders of our country. I’m not a Republican (not any more) or a Democrat. I’m an American. I believe our government should function right no matter how big or small it is. This problem started with some private companies ignoring safety regulations. Now the Gulf Coast has to suffer and the guys with “R” next to their name want the Gov involved.

  5. Please there is a difference between the Gov. stepping up during a criss and creating an even larger bloated bureaucracy full of over payed over benefited government workers. I guess we should be grateful that he took time out of fund raising in CA. to visit the region. Twice in 40 days seriously yeah he understands alright.

  6. Ain’t it amazing? Obama takes on the real GIANTS; Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and now Big Oil … We haven’t seen a lot in the way of real change, except for ONE BIG CHANGE — who in the last 25-30 years has dared question the TITANS? It’s a bit like the fairy tale “7 With One Blow”.

  7. Obama will take ANY suggestions? How about this? Re Cleanup: Make BP responsible to pay ANYONE the current gaspump price for a bucket of crude along that coast line. ANYONE, even illegal immigrants. Homeless folks. ANYONE who can get a bucket or tincan or big cup. BP, TransOcean and Halliburton provide pickup points for this reclaimed oil. Heck, make it illegal for BP to refuse what looks like crankcase drainings. This “clean-up bounty” is NOT to be taxed! It’ll work!

  8. He appears to be on top of this. People on the Gulf Coast will be upset for a very long time until their way of life is restored. We finally have a President who understands the gravity of a crisis. He also knows how to articulate the issues to the public. I would not want to have his job right now. Amazing how some so-called conservatives now want the government to take over when a corporation messes around in their back yard. You can’t have it both ways.

  9. could happen. completely probable. But using a Nuke to seal could also rip open the methane bubble and there would be NO way to contain it. Better to let it leak as is, . . slowly relieving pressure. SNAFU

  10. I was thinking about that yesterday. It’s logic!! Good job!!

  11. The good news is I can quit worrying about CA falling into the ocean.

  12. The Libtards deliberately created this Environmental catastrophe so they could impose their communistic utopia upon the U.S and the world, they have never really given a hoot about the Environment, they just used it as an excuse to peddle their agenda and this is the unmistakable proof.

  13. BP saying in docments today that it could be 100,000 barrels a day. and day 62 you do the math.

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