The world needs a new source of energy; one that is continuous, plentiful, inexpensive, safe and unspillable

Home Energy Conservation Tips, Small Wind Turbine

we are going to show you the five best
home wind turbines
let’s save your time and money i am
going to show video reviews on the five
best home wind turbines on the market
i have made it based on my personal
researches and i am trying to list
those based on price quality and more
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number 5 missouri general freedom 2 wind
the missouri general freedom 2 wind
turbine provides exactly what you want
for your off-the-grid lifestyle
it’s in the name after all that’s right
freedom from utility companies freedom
from blackouts and freedom from worrying
about whether you’re using too much
energy each month the 11 blades ensure
consistent and reliable spinning
while the no rust coating means it can
survive through all seasons
and weathers like few other options it’s
much louder than other options we’ve
though but this is about all we can
really find wrong with it
and with three possible power options
and two thousand watt maximum output
and for one thousand dollars less than
the nature power two
it feels like much more of a bargain
than at first glance you may also like
some of the best weather stations from
our list
so be sure to check them out
number four nature power wind turbine if
you like that
you’ll love the nature power wind
turbine which is our premium
pick of home wind turbines with marine
grade construction
and an all-weather design that ensures
longevity no matter where you are
suitable for both land and sea operation
it kicks in a 7 mph
and comes with over speed shutdown and
an mppt
maximum power point tracking smart
controller for the highest efficiency
if you’re sick of fixing your turbine
every other week you’ll enjoy the
maintenance free approach the nature
power provides
and with a huge 2000 walk potential
you’ll never worry about missing out on
your favorite shows during a storm ever
yes it’s expensive but it’ll pay for
itself soon enough
number three auto max windmill home wind
turbine generator kit
at a huge 1 500 the auto max windmill
wind turbine generator kit is one of the
most expensive home turbines you’ll find
on your search for a more renewable
energy service
but it’s so packed full of features that
you’ll find it’s worth every penny
there’s an integrated automatic braking
system to prevent overloading
while the uv protective coating prevents
the blades becoming brittle and
suffering heavy damage and strong winds
although they can’t always guarantee
total blade protection
with a one year warranty you’ll have
peace of mind when first setting it up
and if you want to add further juice to
your home
you can pair the turbine with solar
panels for maximum efficiency
if you want to track the inside and
outside temperature at the same time
check out our guide to the best indoor
outdoor thermometers
number two wingmax 5 blade home wind
with a 500 watt maximum output the
windmax 5 blade residential wind
generator kit is an excellent mid-range
so like 700 option for this hoping to
upgrade their current entry-level system
for something with a little more of a
it boasts aerodynamic speed limitation
to protect overloading
and operates almost entirely silently so
you won’t get disrupted during the
it’s easy to install too and windmax
provide the screws and bolts
although you’ll need to source the
mounting pole yourself the unit doesn’t
require much wind to get going claiming
and with being pretty much totally
maintenance free it’s an awesome set and
forget system for more eco-friendly home
number one half a by home wind turbine
the hapa by wind turbine generator is
the number one pick of the best home
wind turbines around because of its
ease of use and reasonable affordability
for those both experienced
and new to the game you can choose from
either 12 or 24 volts
and from five possible wattages to find
the right power to suit your home and
while most home wind turbines work
comfortably at 400 watts
you can indulge in as much as 700 watts
to ensure reliable power to your home
throughout the year
the high quality blade is built to last
and the low torque ensures consistent
operation even with low wind
although while it’s the best for simple
power options it still doesn’t quite
hold up as well compared to solar panels
or larger but also much more expensive